Kyle Rittenhouse-“…If they get off they are then telling us it will be Open Season on all Blacks and Black Lives really don’t matter.”

Before I write about the Two Murder Trials going on in America, I want to share with you a few thoughts from one of my Best Friends about this stuff going on. He happens to be Black, very Well-Educated, and 69 years of Age. Is Middle Class And Owns his Own Home in a very Good Neighborhood. And his words-

Wait and see what happens to the trial in Georgia another almost white jury. See what they do with the video that shows clearly that they hunted him down and killed him. They shot him with three times with a shot gun blast, come on. They didn’t want to kill him? They were not the police. Why didn’t they call the police? Why not? If they get off they are then telling us it will be open season on all blacks and black Lives really don’t matter.

If they get off they are then telling us it will be Open Season on all Blacks and Black Lives really don’t matter.

Now, I cannot believe that White Privilege and White Supremacy aren’t Shaking Hands With Each Other in both Trials. In both Trials. But I cannot say anything because I am not a member of either Jury and most likely you are not either. Once again, it seems very negative for the Black Community. And that is Upsetting. Very saddening. I’m thinking that There’s going to be a lot of Drama on the Streets of America this weekend.

And here’s a Text I sent a woman with 5 children-

Dang, I got up 30 minutes ago. Then my New York Times App brought me up to speed. Damn, Rittenhouse found NOT GUILTY on all Counts is going to be a Charged Up Weekend. And the Idiot in that other case saying No More Black Preachers. I’m thinking we gonna see some shit this Weekend. I’m divided if I should Blog about it. I sure don’t want to fuel folks anger. I disagree on some of it. Kid was reckless.

And her Response-

He sure was! Do we want other teens to take to the streets to “defend” they’re town? If it’s an invasion yes! But otherwise NO! Blog away 😉

So, I wrote this Blog. How are all the Moms across America now thinking about-What if my child picks up a gun from our home or a friend’s and then goes around Defending the City? With Their Friends? Teenagers patrolling what they perceive as Dangerous? Armed?

This Blog is just the Mirror of Other Blogs about other Horrible Deaths of Black Men at the Hands of a White Person. The hardest I wrote was the one I did for George Floyd as a Memorial Blog. It’s somewhere on this Blog Site.

But looking at both Trials from the Outside, they do have the earmarks of going beyond being flabbergasted. We’re all past getting Flabbergasted. We are now just sitting back and still not understanding How any of this Crap can still go on here in America. The Treatment of Black People remains so Damn Suspect here in America for White People to Understand. It does. Fair Treatment still does not exist. WHITE PEOPLE still don’t get it because They Don’t Live it. They see it, they watch it, but they disconnect because it is Not White People that they are seeing in all of this. This is where most of the Problem is with White People.

And How do we change THIS? How do we make this Better? We have to make these Sort of Things Quit Happening. We have to do better.

One reason might be this-After High School, the Races are not mixed up together enough to keep them heading towards mutual Respect and Understanding and Caring. No, we all go to Our Own Work World and Our Own Neighborhoods and Our Own Churches.

I can’t say that. I live in a very poor neighborhood. I don’t hardly ever go to Church and last times I did was to a Black Woman’s Funeral and a Hispanic Man’s Funeral. Both in their own Church of their similar Race. But all I am saying is that We don’t Mix after High School. We just do not mix with each other beyond High School. Now, do we? In the Military, you’ll learn to Mix with each other just lovely or get your butt kicked.

And now, with Cell Phones, who are you gonna Follow? How are you going to think about stuff? People have had their minds reconditioned to Follow their Cell Phones on How they think. It’s the Video Game Genre that changes how we think. For me, I don’t Video Game Play. And mostly never did.

Let me ask you this?

  1. Why did a 17 year Old Have an AR-15?
  2. Why did he travel across State Lines with one?
  3. Why was this 17 Year Old there at all?
  4. What made this Young Man think he could Protect other people’s Property?
  5. What, exactly what mindset did this Young man have that made him go to the Protests at all Armed? Why the Gun? Yes, why the Gun?

And in the Other Case? Why was the man Blasted Three Times with a Shotgun? Chased down and wasn’t the Plan to Kill Him? Or was it Not? I just don’t think we will ever know the whole Truth. It stinks from the Outside in. The Video is Horrific.

The two people killed were identified as 36-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, of Kenosha, and 26-year-old Anthony Huber, of Silver Lake, Wisconsin.

Gaige Grosskreutz, 27, a protester from West Allis, was wounded.

Rosenbaum, 36, was released the day of the shootings from a Milwaukee hospital where he had been treated for a suicide attempt. It’s not clear why he was on Kenosha’s streets the night of the protests, though he had a fiancé who lived in the city. His background includes a conviction for sexual conduct with a minor in Arizona in 2002. The judge denied a defense request to argue that Rosenbaum was trying to get Rittenhouse’s rifle because, as a convicted sex offender, Rosenbaum couldn’t legally get one on his own.

Was this man so Upset, so Angry, So Disappointed with the White Privilege and White Supremacy America that he attempted to Kill Himself? There are serious Questions that we won’t be able to get the ANSWERS for. But America continues to associate that all Blacks squalor. It’s not True and it’s sad to see those who are so narrow minded. But these People still believe Lies that are Retold them.

Kyle Rittenhouse-What’s Your Thoughts?

Huber is seen on video swinging a skateboard at Rittenhouse before he was shot. He was known around Kenosha’s skateboarding community, and his girlfriend, Hannah Gittings, said skateboarding was his life. Huber served a pair of prison stints stemming from family conflict, including choking his brother in 2012.

A great-aunt, Susan Hughes, said Huber was involved in protests because he was “very upset” that a police officer had shot Blake, who was left paralyzed from the waist down.

What are your thoughts? FOUND NOT GUILTY ON ALL FIVE COUNTS!

And then in the other highly profiled Case of three men Killing the Man jogging in a neighborhood who had stopped to look inside a New Home being built. And was he killed only for being Black? And the NO MORE BLACK PREACHERS blasted in the Media is so damn petty. A stupid retarded brain-witted statement darkly rooted in White Privilege and charged with White Supremacy. Is it Not? Sure, it is.

And now, will the Rittenhouse Case send America into a New Round of Protests? Violent Protests? If you don’t think that this Case has any chance of being the Spark for Starting Massive Protests, you need to get your Head Checked. And the other one does too.

I hate Being a Juror. Certain RULES are laid down sometimes in a Way that it could Cause you to feel like Shit because you weren’t allowed to Do What You Believed needed to be done.

Our Judicial System is BROKEN!

I’ve written about that Subject for a long time. It’s not the Best System at all. But it is all we have and the RICH keep it in place because They Can Get Off with Anything. They can with High Dollar Lawyers where Big Money does render its Privileges in all of Our Faces.

Here’s an Admitted Rapist of Four gets No Jail Time-Big Money in Your Face!

The judge reportedly said that prison time would not be “appropriate.” Or does he play Golf with the man’s Father? RICH FOLKS COMMAND THEIR RICH PRIVILEGE.

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and wouldn’t lose any voters, okay?” Trump said

And what he said us True,but he wouldn’t Go to Jail Either.

Three things continue to Screw this Country Up!


So, if you think the Trials are not being done fairly? I can’t say. I see exactly what you see. They do seem to continue to Follow the same Anti-Black Bias in 🇺🇸! Don’t they?

Are you Angry? Sad? Going to Protests? Please Be Safe. Please keep your friends and families Safe. Don’t engage in any Criminal Activities that could put you in Jail.

Please Pray for Peaceful Protests!

And if the Protests turn Ugly and Violent, They WILL Blame Biden FOR THAT TOO! Blaming Biden brutally, attacking him Brutally is the New Norm in America and MEDIA DRIVEN!