A YANK AT OXFORD-a wonderfully delightful 1938 B&W Hollywood Movie!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching this Old, but Fun Movie. It was simply fun to Watch. And to see How the American Student was accepted to such a Prestigious College was very funny to Watch. They actually sang OVER THERE when he got on Campus. And that brought me instantly in my mind to James Carney dinging that Song in his Great Movie-“Yankee Doodle Dandy” is a 1942 American biographical musical film about George M. Cohan, … “Over There” – Sung by Frances Langford, James Cagney and Chorus.

But this is one very fun Movie that will make you laugh. It also reminded me of the Movie-ANIMAL HOUSE buy Overseas. An Old Version with College Kids playing pranks on each other. But if you want a Great Movie to Watch-Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!

Lee Sheridan (Robert Taylor) is a brash young American aristocrat attending Oxford University. His iconoclastic stance doesn’t earn him many friends, and he is frequently hazed, but when he meets Molly Beaumont (Maureen O’Sullivan), the sister of Sheridan’s main antagonist Paul Beaumont (Griffith Jones), Lee is smitten. When Paul’s academic record is called into question, the opportunistic Sheridan has the chance to help him and win his young love’s heart.

Initial release: February 18, 1938

Director: Jack Conway

Starring: Robert Taylor; Lionel Barrymore; Maureen O’Sullivan; Vivien Leigh; Edmund Gwenn

Budget: 1.374 million USD

Screenplay: George OppenheimerF. Scott FitzgeraldRoland PertweeLeon GordonJohn Monk SaundersMore

Editors: Margaret BoothCharles Frend