There needs to be War Training among 🇺🇸’s Citizens for War with China!

You laugh. You say-Fool. You got to be Kidding.

It appears that it is Time to do this-

Citizens’ Military Training Camps (CMTC)

were military training programs of the United States. Held annually each summer during the years 1921 to 1940, the CMTC camps differed from National Guard and Organized Reserve training in that the program allowed male citizens to obtain basic military training without an obligation to call-up for active duty. The CMTC were authorized by the National Defense Act of 1920 as a compromise that rejected universal military training. In its nearly two decades of operation, the CMTC trained some 400,000 men in at least one season from 1921 to 1940. Overall the program was disappointing, as only 5,000 officer commissions were awarded to men who completed the required four summers of training.

Before the United States entered World War I, private citizens of the Preparedness Movement set up what were known as Plattsburg Movement camps to build a reserve of qualified men. These provided at least one summer of training in 1915 and 1916 to some 40,000 men, who were all college graduates and largely drawn from elite social classes.

As tensions increased and war broke out in Europe, some Americans concerned about United States participation organized the Preparedness Movement, made up of a group of influential Americans who supported the Allies of World War I. Before the U.S. entered into World War I, private citizens organized what were known as the “Plattsburgh camps”, a volunteer pre-enlistment training program. The camps were set up and funded privately. The group recognized that the standing U.S. Army was far too small to help the Allies and would have to expand immensely if the U.S. went to war.[1] The Movement established the camps to train additional potential Army officers during the summers of 1915 and 1916.

The largest and best known camp was near Plattsburgh, New York under the command of Captain Halstead Dorey. Trainees included Grenville ClarkWillard StraightRobert Bacon, Mayor John Purroy Mitchel, and Bishop James De Wolf Perry.[2][3][4]

Some 40,000 men (all college graduates) attended the Plattsburgh camp and other sites. They became physically fit, learned to march and shoot, and provided the cadre of a wartime officer corps. Enlistees were required to pay their own expenses.[5][page needed] Suggestions by labor unions that talented working-class youth be invited to Plattsburgh were ignored.

These camps were formalized under the Military Training Camps Association, which in 1917 launched a monthly magazine, National Service.[6] (In 1922, the magazine was acquired by and folded into The American Army and Navy Journal, and Gazette of the Regular, National Guard and Reserve Forces.)

Friends, MI Amigos. Mi Compadres. We aren’t nearly as Ready for War with China as you think. As you can see from above, 🇺🇸 was better prepared for WWII because they pulled together as one Nation.

We must act now to begin the Preparedness Movement! We know something is Coming and 🇺🇸 can BEGIN PREPARATIONS BY PREPARING OUR CITIZENS! No, not putting them into the Military, but getting them ready for a possible War! We must be READY!

China is studying using a Limited Amounts of Nuclear Weapons in a FIRST STRIKE. And where are the Targets? First will be Nukes for Military Strategy. And Nukes for SHOCKING THE HELL out of the rest of THE World. But where will the Nukes Hit?

  1. Guam.
  2. Pearl Harbor.
  3. East and West Coast and Texas Fuel Refineries.
  4. Washington.
  5. New York.
  6. Fort Hood.
  7. Nuclear Stockpiles.
  8. Ten Exploded at set Distances across the 🇺🇸.
  9. Naval Shipyards.
  10. Aircraft Builders Manufacturing Plants

Now. That is not a Ton of Nukes. 30 at the Most.

But what does that do?

  1. Kills your Mode of Travel! Get ready to start Walking.
  2. Kills your Cell Phone.
  3. Kills your TV and Internet Programs.
  4. Kills your Supply System.
  5. Makes your Life pretty unbearable.

But then comes the Uglier Side-

  1. A Two Million Man Chinese Occupation Army will be coming to the West Coast. Another Million will be Coming up from Panama. Yrs, Panama. Ever since the Panama Canal was given to Panama, the Chinese have been adding workers yearly to work on this Canal. And a great many are Military Reservists in the Red Army.

So, while they are heading here with a deliberate Plan of Occupation, everyone here will be too busy just trying to get something to eat that’s not too radioactive. And people will rely on Looting like the Old West. And the Occupation Army will still be heading here and most of you will be d feeling totally LOST.

Well, FUK THAT! PREPARE NOW FOR THE UNTHINKABLE! And I’m not talking about doing a lot.


The FIRST STRIKE will seem like a Hell of a Blow. But it will not END 95% of 🇺🇸. You will still be Alive. So, Prepare as if YOU WANT TO LIVE!

  1. Get Iodine Pills.
  2. Get a Water Filtering System.
  3. Get a Shortwave Radio that can be recharged by Hand Cranking a Handle.
  4. Store 3-6 months of Food. Noodles. Light dried Goods. Everyone has stored some extra fat on their bodies. So you’re not gonna die anytime some.
  5. Don’t Race to go get a Gun. Friends will quickly Network together and you’ll get one.
  6. Have Warm Clothes. Have a strong Heart and Mind.
  7. Buy some Survival Guides. Books will be in High Demand.
  8. Coordinate with strong Ex-Military who actually were in a Combat MOS.
  9. If you can, get to the West Coast and prepare to help Defend Your Country. FREEDOM TRULY ISN’T FREE AND ONLY BLOOD CAN NOURISH THE TREE OF LIBERTY.
  10. Begin to Workout NOW! Walking with a Large Backpack.
  11. Get a large Backpack. Water Bottles too.
  12. Get a Firestick. For making a fire.
  13. Get and buy logical things. Not dumbass stupid things.
  14. Sleeping Bag will Help. Poncho for rain.
  15. Military Boots and warm socks.

“Although initial operations might have to be conventional for political reasons, atomic strikes against the Chinese mainland would eventually be necessary if the Chinese Communist move was to be stopped effectively and quickly.”

That’s how U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff reportedly reacted in 1958, after the country then commonly known as Red China launched artillery strikes on Great Kinmen Island, about five miles off the Chinese coast. Like other italicized excerpts to follow, it comes from a once-top secret 1966 RAND Corporation study into the crisis, released in full by Daniel Ellsberg in 2017. The People’s Republic of China (PRC) eventually backed down from its quest to seize the Taiwan-controlled territory. But China was a poor, agrarian nation 63 years ago, not the economic and military giant it has become over the past two generations. And the U.S. is not the superpower it was in 1958, either.

But get prepared and then forget about it. Get in shape. It’s a long walk to the West Coast…

And you think Russia is gonna play neutral? Not hardly.

Russia has admitted to destroying one of its satellites during a missile test but rejected US accusations that it had endangered the International Space Station. … Russia’s defence minister, Sergei Shoigu, later said the launch used a “promising” system that “accurately” struck its target.

But what the 🇺🇸 and 🇷🇺 aren’t admitting? US Spaceforce was attempting to recover the Satellite. Why? It was a Nuclear Missile Attack Launching Platform Satellite. The Missiles had not been put in place by Cosmonauts yet.

Both sides playing Games. War is no Game.