It wasn’t the First Winter that Killed the Most People during the Spanish Flu. It was the 2nd Winter. The worst of Death came back to get the Non-Believers. Just like it’s Coming Back with a Terrible Vengeance upon all who fluffed-Off Getting the Vaccinations. But it’s their Choice to not take the Shots. Just more Business for the Coffin Makers. For the Hospitals. For the Ventilators. And want it be oh so Special?

Governments all over the World are doing their Best to NOT go into a 2nd Major LOCKDOWN! The very Idea puts shivers into the Banks. It could prove to be highly detrimental to the Cash Flow. Banks might even Shutter their Doors. All trying not to be the one Country to trigger a World Monetary System Collapse. China is tinkering on the brink of Bankruptcy right now. And it wouldn’t take much to pull them over that Dark Cliff.

To take everyone’s eyes away from the World’s Upcoming Massive Covid Outbreak, America and China have drawn our Eyes to a possible War with them. A War between China and America who were always good friends on good terms to suddenly turn sour over each other? It’s masterful trickery to keep the Masses’s Attention Diverted. And Diverted it is.

But Good War Talk makes for Good BULL REPORTING! And for a time, people will worry. Keeping People Worrying these Days seems to be the name of the game. Why? Simply Put-World Governments are Afraid of their Own People. They are. They really are. And the only way to keep them misdirected is to give them something to worry about. And they can sure do that. And a lot of Worry is spun around yearly or Bi-Yearly.

Yes. Re-Spun Worrisome News, like a Cow, is regurgitated to the Population. And it usually takes 3 days for everyone to write about it and put their Own Spin about it.

And the Opinionators will bounce out with their Opinions on the seemingly New News that isn’t really New at all. It’s Old.

“Wear a Mask and Save Your Life” was the directive – not recommendation – from the Red Cross and other health organizations.  Newspapers carried this slogan with the additional warning:  “Doctors wear them. Those who do not wear them get sick.

The man or woman or child who will not wear a mask is now a dangerous slacker.”

And that’s from 1918! Not Today. But it works and I had no idea that their were so many people who are Totally Committed to the Destruction of the American Government by fighting them every inch of the way on every Subject. Even on the idea of Wearing a simple Mask or take a Shot. That’s a sad thing to see. But we are seeing it.

With no vaccine to  protect against the virus and few medications to lessen the symptoms, people were urged to isolate, quarantine, practice good personal hygiene, and limit social interaction.

The plague emerged in two phases. In late spring of 1918, the first phase, known as the “three-day fever,” appeared without warning.

Few deaths were reported. Victims recovered after a few days. When the disease surfaced again that fall, it was far more severe.

Scientists, doctors, and health officials could not identify this disease which was striking so fast and so viciously, eluding treatment and defying control.

Some victims died within hours of their first symptoms. Others succumbed after a few days; their lungs filled with fluid and they suffocated to death.

The plague did not discriminate.

It was rampant in urban and rural areas, from the densely populated East coast to the remotest parts of Alaska. Young adults, usually unaffected by these types of infectious diseases, were among the hardest hit groups along with the elderly and young children. The flu afflicted over 25 percent of the U.S. population. In one year, the average life expectancy in the United States dropped by 12 years.

It is an oddity of history that the influenza epidemic of 1918 has been overlooked in the teaching of American history. But we hate reporting Negative Stuff. But Winter 2021 MAY still prove to be the Most Deadliest ever on Earth. Like a Meteorite killing a lot of the Dinosaurs. It’s just Starting. And will it lead to a World Lockdown? And a World Monetary Collapse? Hey, when the Trade Stops, Payments cannot be Met. Banks Collapse.

Documentation of the disease is ample, as shown in the records selected from the holdings of the National Archives regional archives. Exhibiting these documents helps the epidemic take its rightful place as a major disaster in world history.