What the Next WORLD WAR will look like?


The US has condemned Russia for conducting a “dangerous and irresponsible” missile test that it says endangered the crew aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

The test blew up one of Russia’s own satellites, creating debris that forced the ISS crew to shelter in capsules.

The station currently has seven crew members on board – four Americans, a German and two Russians.

The space station orbits at an altitude of about 420km (260 miles).

The Next World War will be extremely dangerous, extremely irresponsible.irresponsible, and Deadly. Very DEADLY!

Here’s what will take place in a Multi-Year Wirld War.

  1. SPACE? Yes. SPACE! Satellites will be Exploded in Space in an ALL OUT SHOOTOUT. And it will render SPACE, Our Orbital Space, completely USELESS. So, you’ll be able to Kiss Your TV CABLE GOODBYE! Your TV and Cell Phone communications will be made thru Line-Of-Sight Towers. Goodbye Satellites and the Debri Graveyard that will be left in Space.
  2. MASSIVE MILITARY DEATHS! MASSIVE CIVILIAN DEATHS! As high as 1 Billion People or even 2 Billion or even annihilate the Planet.
  3. Nuclear Weapons will be USED! POSSIBLY LOTS OF THEM!
  4. STARVATION THRU FOOD Shortages will be Horrible! Quite UNBELIEVABLE!
  5. Shipping on the Seas will Crawl to a HALT as Ships will be SUNK at an Unbelievable Rate.
  6. No Country Will be able to AVOID this War.
  7. Leukemia Rates will IMPLODE! WATER SOURCES AND FOOD will become undrinkable or uneatable.
  8. No Country Will come out of this War as able to TRUST any others.
  9. Get set to Expect the Unthinkable. Your Worse Nighttime Fears will become a reality.
  10. The Odor of the Earth’s Breathable Air will gain an Odor that will be foul and pungent and sweet-tasting on the tip of your Lips.

The War Plans will change Daily. Planned Attacks will be unplanned withdraws.

  1. 1% of the World’s Population will be fully prepared with proper Sheltering Bunkers and Stored Food and Water.
  2. 99% of the World’s Population will undergo a certain Level of Radioactive Poisoning. Ranging from Mild to Extreme Severity where Death is minutes or days away.
  3. No Country is fully Prepared when All Countries take an Active Hand in this World War. It will be quite UNBELIEVABLE!

No one will TRUST Any World Leaders. Politicians will be Hunted Down and removed from The Living Population. Whole Cities and Towns will have the streets and inside every building entirely with the Dead. All will be Dead in many. And they will SMELL and STINK like Death.

It will be like some Apocalyptic Movies in many Ways.

People will be Driven to Death Camps where they will Die unless they are Well enough to FIGHT in Bands of Armed Fighters.

Weapons that will seem beyond science-fiction will be brought out if their Secret Bunkers. Deadly Pathogens will be unleashed killing 65% of the World Population. So, once the Killing Spree begins, it will be just Horrible.

Unless WORLD LEADERS pull their Heads out of their Butts and begin working together, the World is lining-up to become another MARS. Empty of Life. Once the Water leaves, it’s Over! Forget worrying about an Attack from Green Men landing from Outer Space.

The New Green Men are already here alive and willing to Kill all of Us! They all need to tone down their War Rhetoric.