If I were to ever commit a Huge Crime, I’d do it with Trump!

Only Trump can get out of Anything.


Trump looks back on Jan. 6 “fondly,” Karl wrote, “and believes that if events just had played out a little differently(On January 6), he’d still be President.”

These words Above prove without a Shadow of a Doubt, Trump was willing to Accept any means to keep him in Office and was willing to Accept a Takeover of the Presidency by his Administration and He Acknowledges it so. And GOP members were clearly backing his play. Backing him completely.

But somehow. Someway. The things Trump was hoping that would play out a little differently did not happen. Who Dropped The Ball? That’s is is is the Real Question. Was it the My pillow Guy? Which Lawyer? Which General? Which other Billionaires? Yes. By all means. Who Dropped the Ball? Which events is he referring to?

But more Importantly, what were the events just had played out a little differently(On January 6) that Trump has so stated? This is absolutely the part that must be looked into. What did He Know that none of us know? What Events? Which Events? We will never Know. We will never find out. Trump surrounds himself with plausible deniability. With constant Secrecy.

The only way for Trump to circumvent the Actual Will of the Voters on January 6. 2021 has nothing to do with the Congress Certifying the Electoral Votes turned in by each State. Those State Certified Results could not be changed as some say. It was just a routine acceptance of what the State’s provided.



I don’t care which Stone the January 6 Committee overturns, it still won’t be the right ones. Trump is telling all who are called to testify to NOT SHOW UP, TO NOT PROVIDE DOCUMENTS. Like a Master Puppeteer, Trump has his Strings on all of them. He continues calling the Shots from behind the scenes. But what is he giving them in return for their Silence and Loyalty? What?

I don’t understand this unnecessary Folly. Even on the Stand, each can Claim the 5th. Aren’t they just snowballing to keep Trump in the Highlights?

It’s a Hoot! It’s almost Comical. But it is most definitely capable of being very Dangerous…in future Elections! I fear the next one