Forty Million Guns were Bought in 2020. The most in American History. And then they bought up all and so was most of the ammo that goes to them. Like buying a Car without the Keys to start it. Lol…but, Americans ran to BUY Guns like the Devil Himself was on their Trails. Yes. The Pandemic sent too many out scampering for a Gun. Lord, where can I buy a Gun? Without being seen? And that’s sort of weird and sort of scary. Or it could be entirely Smart. Depends why you bought yours and what you aim to do with it? Kill a fool stealing your AMAZON PACKAGE on your doorstep? I mean, where do you draw the line? Or do you get a Gun and go plum stupid and drive to protect the property of others?

But the Gun with No Ammo is a Gun Joke. Right? Lol…Lol…not really. But what you going to do now? Wish you had some AMMO? I bet you do. And not all of you will ever Shoot that Gun you just bought ever!

But what caused you to Jump into the Run go Get into the heavy congested Gun Lane? Was it Fears put in your Minds? Which ones? Yes. Which ones?

Why Americans are buying more guns than ever? (Try Reading the following)

An ARMS RACE right here in America amongst the People. Folks, there are enough Guns in America to give everyone Six Guns each. WOW! And Democrats have purchased 80% more Guns than Republicans. So, that’s 8 to 2 when you think about a Revolution which I pray you don’t. We don’t need none of that stupid retarded thought, now do we? No, we do not.

Always say you bought your Gun for Self-Defense. And most people will leave you at that. Unless they know you are a problem child that they don’t believe should ever have a Gun. So, Jessie James. Why’d you buy your Gun?

You say to be Safe and there ain’t nothing Safe about YOU! YOU MIGHT BE WAY TOO IMMATURE to own a Gun. And now you got one. But buying a Gun might be very Cool for you. Making you a Cool Fool?

Sorry, I just know out of 40 million bought Guns that a whole lot of CooCoo Folks bought one too. And if you’re basically a fair Citizen. You can Open Carry here in Texas with the Best of them. So, all you Wesley Hardings that gonna get your brains sprayed out of your skull from behind. How about you? You telling someone you got a Gun might prove to be your downfall from a Criminal point of view. That theft of a friend will soon own their first Gun from you after you tell them. And will they Steal your Gun? Why the Heck not? They are Thieves! Stupid you told them.

Gun ownership comes with real responsibilities. It’s not a Toy or a Level in the DOOM Video Game. Now is it?

While gun sales have been climbing for decades — they often spike in election years and after high-profile crimes — Americans have been on an unusual, prolonged buying spree fueled by the coronavirus pandemic, the protests last summer and the fears they both stoked. But what got you off your butt and you to get out of the comfort of your Car and walk into a place where you buy Guns?

1/5th are Completely Never Owned a Gun Before folks. And most are unaware of Gun Laws. What the Heck are they? Didn’t you want to keep frim bring completely Stupid when someone asks about the Gun you bought. 👇👇

Gun Laws☝

This guide provides information on Texas and federal gun laws including: background checks, open carry, concealed carry, handgun licenses, restrictions for felons, and local regulation of firearms and shooting ranges.

And The killing of Animals? You know. Hunting? What do you know about that? And since you bought a Gun. What else are you gonna purchase?

And if you can buy ammo, which ammo you gonna get? If you don’t know. You are going to have to do a little research. Here. Maybe this Article will help you.

Ammunition selection can be one of the most intimidating challenges facing a new shooter or firearm owner.

Or not!

And how are you going to keep your Gun safe from Kids?

  • Keep the gun unloaded and locked up in a cabinet, safe, gun vault, or storage case.
  • Lock the bullets in a place separate from the gun.
  • Consider using a gun lock (a lock that makes the gun unable to fire).
  • Hide the keys (or passcode) to the locked storage.

So, Mr. gun Owner, how are you doing with your New Gun? You doing it right or are you being quite Foolish? Only one foolish moment and you could KILL yourself or a Loved one. So, please read up on The Gun you bought. Know what the experts are saying about it.

But I advise you to do your Research about all the guns before you do purchase one. Buying the Cheapest can come back to haunt you. And buying too large a caliber gun can jump out of your hand when you shoot it. You never knew that high powered guns were so HIGH POWERED until you shoot one that is way out of your League. Won’t be Safe in your small hands or weak arms or shoulder. Know your abilities and keep to the purpose of why you are buying it. Don’t stray away. Keep focused. Buying a Gun because it looked pretty makes no sense. Now. Does it? But you did it anyway. Or you buy a Gun that takes you three or four years to pay it off? What were you thinking?

But go when you are feeling good and not mind-boggled. You have to fill out paperwork and you don’t want to answer the questions badly. And I recommend going to several places and check the prices online.

The more you know, the better you won’t hurt yourself by making a mistake and buying a Gun not meant for you and one that you are afraid of.