RED NOTICE-a Super Fun Action, Adventure, Drama Movie to Watch. A GREAT MOVIE!

91% of Viewers ENJOYED this Movie! Forget about reading somebody’s Opinion about this Movie. Find your Own! I, for one, Loved this Movie! I was SHOCKED that Netflix had acquired it. It’s got three Great Stars in it. Three of your Favorites!

And it has lots of fun Adventure stuff in it. It’s like a Indiana Jones Movie on Steroids. And the Russian Prison is creepy spooky. Very Creepy, Spooky. But the Adventure is a Great one to Watch! So, jump on over to NETFLIX and pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!

Originally planned for release by Universal PicturesNetflix acquired the distribution rights on July 8, 2019.[2] It had a limited theatrical release on November 5, 2021[3] before digitally debuting on the platform on November 12, 2021. The film received generally negative reviews from critics. Man, forget that stuff and Enjoy a Great Movie!

Two thousand years ago Marc Antony gifted Cleopatra three bejeweled eggs as a wedding gift symbolizing his devotion. The eggs were lost to time until they were rediscovered by a farmer in 1907. While two of the eggs were recovered, the third remained lost. In 2021, Special Agent John Hartley, a criminal profiler for the FBI is assigned to assist Interpol agent Urvashi Das in investigating the theft of one of the eggs kept on display at the Museo Nazionale di Castel Sant’Angelo in Rome. When he determines that the egg on display is a forgery and the real egg has been stolen, Das has the room locked down. However, before the room is sealed shut, international art thief Nolan Booth manages to escape, pursued by Hartley, though Booth eventually gets away.

Two days later Booth returns to his home in Bali with the egg in his possession, however Hartley is waiting for him along with Das and an Interpol strike team. They arrest Booth and take the egg into custody. Unbeknownst to anyone else Booth’s main competition, Sarah Black AKA “The Bishop” is disguised as one of the strike team members and swaps the real egg with another forgery in the back of the vehicle. The next day, Das confronts Hartley believing he’s responsible for the egg’s theft. As a result, she has him incarcerated in a remote Russian prison in the same cell as Booth.

Shortly after their arrival, they are brought to Black where she proposes to Booth that they work together to find the third egg, revealing to Hartley that Booth had lied and does in fact know of it’s whereabouts. Booth declines her modest offer, and she departs stating she’ll find the second egg then she will come back and his share will be less when she does. Hartley then suggests to Booth that they work together to beat Black, noting that if Booth helps him imprison Black then Booth will take her place as the number one art thief in the world.

The pair escapes from prison and heads to Valencia where they plan to steal the second egg, which is in the possession of notorious arms dealer Sotto Voce who is holding a masquerade ball. There, they encounter Black who is also intending to steal the second egg. The three arrive in Voce’s vault where Hartley and Booth fight against Black using a variety of melee weapons Voce keeps on display in the vault before she gains the upper-hand and handcuffs them together. Voce arrives with his security detail and apprehends the men while revealing that Black and Voce are working together. They torture Hartley and, believing Booth has divulged the whereabouts of the third egg, Black double-crosses Voce and leaves for Egypt where Booth claims the egg is. After leaving Valencia, Booth reveals to Hartley that the egg is in fact in Argentina, a location only he knows as it was inscribed on his late father’s beloved watch which had once belonged to Adolf Hitler’s personal art curator Rudolph Zeich. After the Third Reich fell in 1945, Zeich fled Europe for Argentina with the egg.

The duo makes its way into the jungles of Argentina where they discover a secret bunker. Inside are countless artifacts hoarded by the Nazis, among

them the third egg. Black arrives to steal the egg from the duo at gunpoint, only to be interrupted by the arrival of Das and a team of Argentinian police. Hartley, Booth, and Black escape using a Mercedes and drive it through an abandoned copper mine adjacent to the bunker while Das gives chase in an armored vehicle. Eventually, they exit near the top of the waterfall where the trio lands in the lake at the bottom. Booth swims to shore with the egg, only to discover that Hartley and Black are actually romantic and professional partners, both going by the alias “Bishop”. Booth surrenders the egg and they leave him handcuffed to a tree in the rainforest.

In Cairo, Hartley and Black deliver the three eggs to an Egyptian billionaire buyer, who gifts them to his daughter for her wedding (mirroring Marc Antony’s original gift to Cleopatra). The gesture is overshadowed when the bride is more excited by the wedding singer Ed Sheeran. The wedding is subsequently interrupted by an Interpol raid lead by Das.

Alone on their yacht, Hartley and Black are met again by Booth who informs them that he told Das about their Cayman Islands account containing the $300 million payout from the Egyptian billionaire, which Das freezes. Booth uses their penniless predicament to propose a new heist, this time at The Louvre in Paris.

Red Notice is a 2021 American action comedy film written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. The film stars Dwayne Johnson as an FBI agent who reluctantly teams up with a renowned art thief (Ryan Reynolds) in order to catch an up-and-coming criminal (Gal Gadot). The film marks the third collaboration between Thurber and Johnson following Central Intelligence (2016) and Skyscraper (2018).

Red Notice
Official release poster
Directed byRawson Marshall Thurber
Written byRawson Marshall Thurber
Produced byBeau FlynnDwayne JohnsonDany GarciaRawson Marshall ThurberHiram Garcia
StarringDwayne JohnsonRyan ReynoldsGal GadotRitu AryaChris Diamantopoulos
CinematographyMarkus Förderer
Edited byMichael L. Sale
Julian Clarke
Music bySteve Jablonsky
Flynn Picture CompanySeven Bucks ProductionsBad Version, Inc.
Distributed byNetflix
Release dateNovember 5, 2021
Running time118 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$200 million[1]
Box office$1.25–1.5 million (estimated)[1]