Undeniable PROOF that Trump is Putting America into the path of Total Destruction of Our United Country!

Folks, I don’t know where you stand on all of the Politicking continuing to go on in Our Nation. Your Opinion is good. It’s okay to claim a PARTY whether it be Democrat or Republican. But what is completely wrong is that all of these Election Fraud Lies that Trump continues to spew out the buttocks of his Ass are proving to be completely FALSE, yet are proving to be highly detrimental to Our Nation. Damn it. People who are unwilling to Accept the Truth continue to pour Millions of Dollars into his hands. But why? To continue America’s Ride into the darkest Period in her Existence? And it is happening and I’ll share the Truth with you as you read on.

Folks. The Game is Over. It really is. Or it was. But it can’t be because One Man is really possibly so delusional that he still cannot Concede that HE LOST THE ELECTION. Is he? Or is it a Money Maker And he doesn’t care who it hurts. Big Tobacco knew Tobacco products cause Cancer, but it’s been a Big Money Maker.

And he has millions of minions claiming the same thing that he never Lost Anything. But why do they? Because HE WON’T STOP! They worship him like God Himself. Sad, but so damn true. They Worship him and his Words as being nothing but God-Santioned Truth. Complete Honesty. But are they?

Friends, he’s in it for the Money. He doesn’t Care! Not about you or I. He’s only in it for the Money. And as soon as he Stops Spreading His Lies, the Money quits Rolling in. Minions keep sending in money to him each week, each month. And his mind is only into Gathering up the Money. As much as he can until the day he dies. That’s what a Billionaire Tycoon does. It’s the real mindset of billionaire tycoon.

So, Delusional or Not, his Lies are now stoking something far worse than just words of contempt. They are entering the minds of young people willing to actually Overthrow Our Government. And they won’t take the time to consider whether their acts are correct or if they have consequences.

Just like on January 6, those individuals didn’t really think out the consequences of their Actions. Now, did they? Of course, they didn’t. But they did them anyway. And what planning took place to cause such a visual spectacle? And why are His Flunkeys avoiding the Lawful Subpoenas of A Congressional Committee attempting to unravel what really took place?

But his Followers don’t do nothing without help. Without being TOLD. All because of what the 45th was telling them repeatedly. That the Election had been STOLEN from Them. Actually STOLEN from Them. And they all believed the words coming from the mouth of the 45th.

And to keep these Lies if Election afraid ALIVE by now conducting Audits is a play on your Mindset. And it is this-Keep that Money Coming in. Send Him Your Money!

But he has no intention of stopping. And I am saddened that the worse is now just truly beginning to be seen. Yes. His deceitful words of Lies are taking a Toll on the Conscience Minds of many. But how many? Enough to start doing their Own Democratic Purge? Of actually taking Democratic Rolls at Polling Locations And then going to the Homes of Democrats and then KILLING THEM? And you say-NO WAY! Folks, they are plotting such activities as I am writing this. Who are they? Which ones? I don’t know. I’ve never been told that information. But if I knew, I’d REPORT them.

Again, you say-NO WAY! And when people begin dying. What say you then? Then you say-I knew better. I should have helped STOP it. But you didn’t! People are too smart not to know better. But when the ELDERS are speaking the Lies as Truth, then they think that they are Justified. You Justified Them by promoting the Lies in your own homes, in your Churches, or Keeping your Mouth Shut when you hear others spouting them.

Over-Action or Inaction can lead us down a dangerous Road. And now, I’m convinced that we are headed into the Darkest Days of American History. They lie ahead. Yes, they do. But can’t you see them too? Or us that what you want? You want to see people getting Killed in their Homes. How can you have such Monstrous Thoughts? Get them out of your Heads People.

On one hand, we have a New President attempting to fix many problems in this Nation. Our Roads and Bridges are a Mess. So many things are broken and need mending. Need fixing. But on the other hand, you have an Ex-President attempting still to Overthrow the Government and put himself back in Office by any illegal means possible. And are you one of the ones helping him in this? You want to kiss Our Constitution GOODBYE? That’s what you’d be doing.

You simply cannot have such a dangerous loose cannon blasting barrages of Cannon Fire at all things in Our Government Today. And Trump has truly become a dangerous loose Cannon. By continuing His Lies. But are you aiding and abetting him?

And you want PROOF? Okay, read the flowing Article and then say everything is Just Fine. Anytime a person gets in front of a Crowd and Asks the Crowd when it will be Time to Kill DEMOCRATS, Then We Got a Serious Problem. And the Crowd Cheers them on? Folks, all of this is heading for the Darkest Days.

And I can only ASK-If you know of anyone planning to Kill anyone-REPORT THEM TO THE AUTHORITIES! If you can help lower the Temperatures of these Debated Political Issues, then please do it. And I ASK-Unless you have PROOF that the Lies the 45th continues spreading are in fact TRUE, then please don’t Repeat them just because He does. Just because he says them. They are now causing Real Damages. Real Danger. People are now talking about Openly Murdering Democrats.

Never in Our History have we ever had an Ex-President doing what this 45th has and is doing after losing an Election. He alone is causing insurmountable Division and Family Pains. And all he wants and cares about is your Money! Give it to him if you must. I won’t be joining you in that…my money goes to my bills and the Brazos Valley Food Bank. I want My money going to where I know it does the most good and not on Lies and the detriment of Our Nation or into one man’s pocketbook who already has millions upon millions.


At a conservative rally in western Idaho last month, a young man stepped up to a microphone to ask when he could start killing Democrats.

“When do we get to use the guns?” he said as the audience applauded. “How many elections are they going to steal before we kill these people?” The local state representative, a Republican, later called it a “fair” question.