Everybody in the World! TIME to CHECK-IN on the 15th of each MONTH!

The last Year has been very STRANGE! And the rest of the Year looks very Odd as Well. So!

Everybody in the World! TIME to CHECK-IN on the 15th of each MONTH! Yes, I want to start something totally NEW with you.

The ONLY WAY that you can see if your Country is BLOCKING YOU on the Internet is by Checking in once a Month to see if you can still get out! Out beyond the service of your own Border. Or? Are you being Controlled and you are being Shutout? And your Internet is Government Controlled and BLOCKING YOU?

So, on the 15th of EVERY MONTH! COME TO


No. I’m not asking for any information by you. That’s why I cutoff COMMENTS so your AP ADDRESS cannot be traced back to you. It’s a nasty side of Comments. You leave your own fingerprints when you leave a COMMENT. But nothing when you just pop a HIT on anything on my Blog.

So, on the 15th of each month, just “click” on anything on my Blog. And I can then do you a special Secret Service! I can then POST which Countries visited my Blog. And if you see your Country Listed, then you will know everyone in your Country is NOT BEING BLOCKED.

BUT! If I do not see your Country as a Visitor to my Site, then you got Big PROBLEMS. But why? I can’t ANSWER that.

So, please get the Word Out that I’m doing this Service for everyone in the World starting on the 15th of every Month.

So, show up and Let’s see who is being WATCHED and not being ALLOWED to see beyond your Own BORDERS.

Don’t sweat it. It’s been needed for too long-

So, Mark it on your TO DO LIST and I’ll Post who shows up with a Simply CLICK. No, I’m not seeking any information from you.