10 to Midnight! A Charles Bronson Movie You Got to Watch!

This is absolutely Classic Charles Bronson. Tough Guy Manifesto. And it’s sure to please.

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Warren Stacey (Gene Davis) is a young office equipment repairman who kills women after they reject his sexual advances. His attempts at flirting are always seen as “creepy” by women, resulting in frequent rejections.[4] His first victim is Betty (June Gilbert), an office worker of his acquaintance. He tracks her down to a wooded area, and observes her having sex with her boyfriend. He ambushes the couple, kills the boyfriend and then gives chase to the naked woman. He catches her and stabs her to death.[4]

Two Los Angeles police detectives, Leo Kessler (Charles Bronson) and Paul McAnn (Andrew Stevens), investigate his murders. Kessler is a seasoned veteran of the force, while McAnn is considerably younger.[4] Stacey avoids prosecution by constructing sound alibis and assaulting his victims while naked except for a pair of latex gloves to hide fingerprints, thus minimizing evidence.

Laurie Kessler (Lisa Eilbacher) is the only daughter of Leo and an acquaintance to some of the victims. A student nurse herself, she becomes a target for the killer.[4] McAnn refuses to go along when Kessler plants evidence in order to frame the suspect. Stacey goes on another rampage, killing three nursing students who are friends with Kessler’s daughter.

He is eventually caught, stark naked in the street. Stacey boasts how he will say all the things that will “prove” that he is crazy: he hears voices ordering him to do things, etc., so that one day, he will be back on the street and Kessler, as well as the “whole fucking world,” will hear from him again. Kessler replies, “No, we won’t.” He then shoots Stacey once in the forehead, executing him and leaving all other considerations aside. Kessler stands over the body, surrounded by police.


10 to Midnight is a 1983 American crimehorrorthriller film[3] directed by J. Lee Thompson from a screenplay originally written by William Roberts. The film stars Charles Bronson in the lead role with a supporting cast that includes Lisa EilbacherAndrew StevensGene DavisGeoffrey Lewis, and Wilford Brimley10 to Midnight was released by City Films, a subsidiary of Cannon Films, to American cinemas on March 11, 1983.

10 to Midnight
Theatrical release poster
Directed byJ. Lee Thompson
Written byWilliam Roberts
J. Lee Thompson
Produced byPancho Kohner
Lance Hool
StarringCharles BronsonLisa EilbacherAndrew StevensGene DavisGeoffrey LewisWilford Brimley
CinematographyAdam Greenberg
Edited byPeter Lee Thompson
Music byRobert O. Ragland
Cannon Group
City Films
Distributed byCannon Films[1]
Release dateMarch 11, 1983 (United States)
Running time101 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$4,520,000 (US)
Box office$7,175,592 (US)[2]