One Year to Get to The TRUTH!

This Video is so honest and truthful. America has Only One Year to get to The UNDENIABLE TRUTH of the biggest Conspiracy in American History. This is the worst since Jefferson Davis!

America must Stand Strong Behind Seeking the Truth and not allow the Truth to be held from 🇺🇸 like the JFK Files. All of us deserve the Honest Truth. And if there proves to be an orchestrated Governmental Takeover led by the 45th. Then Punishment mist be dealt out.

Too many have accepted all that the 45th says as The Truth. And when he says others are attacking him for all sorts of bad reasons, these Loyalists believe all he says. Undyingly so…

But few look at the millions he is collecting every day and he hasn’t even declared that he is running in 2024. This is His Money to use as he wants. And you think he won’t use it on one of His Trump Towers he is building all over the World.

A Manhattan jury has convicted a Chicago banker of criminal charges for enabling Paul Manafort to get $16 million in loans before the former campaign manager for ex-President Donald Trump helped him get an interview for a job in the Trump administration.

It’s amazing how many ex-Trump Supporters are still being indicted, found Guilty, and being sent to Prison. All for him. And he keeps doing what?

One Year to Get to The TRUTH! Which Lawmakers are still saying-They came and Acted just like any other Tourists!