How to Be Happy!

You got the Blues? And if so, how’d you get that way? Is it something you are doing? Something out of your Control? What? What is it that got you that way? Is it Love gone wrong? Is it Bills? Is it your Job? Your kids? Your Wife? What is it?

Well, most problems can be fixed. Yes. They can be. Might not be the answer you’re looking for. But there is always a better way to look at things and a way out of your gloom? But what is it? A mouse in your Pocket? In your Coat? But what is it?

Okay, let’s fix you.

  1. Identify the Gloom Maker. What is creating your Gloom. Yes, sit down and THINK.
  2. Be Ready to CHANGE YOU in order to FIX YOU.
  3. Seek Professional Help if your Gloom is addiction related. Just make the Call! Yes, you know who to Call. Look it up in your Area.
  4. A P O L O G I Z E! No matter if you don’t THINK you owe someone an Apology, Apologize still the same. Most don’t even realize that they have grown so far out if touch with reality that they have become TOXIC on their own TOXICITY! And when you ignore the nibbled truths crawling at your innards, you lose.
  5. Yes. Take the time to fix yourself. Pull yourself back up.
  6. Pray. Prayer is a great way to fix your hurt.
  7. Get a better Job.
  8. Get up, get off the couch and Go Get Yourself a Job.
  9. Get the Vaccine. Take the Shots and get on with your Life. Don’t be the Scared Cat. Be STRONG. Some Medical Doctors are saying you Dint need the Vaccine. Well, I’ll tell you this-I’ve been to FOUR COVID FUNERALS. And their Children and Spouses all said this- They were planning on getting Vaccinated. And they Waited TOO LONG!
  10. Read a Book.
  11. Drop the News!
  12. Put Your Phone away. They say you can’t use the JAWS OF LIFE to pry a Cell phone out of Some people’s hands. These Devices are not going to FIX YOU and most likely the reason you are so Gloomy.
  13. Some people say that they would give up one of their fingers instead of giving up their Cell Phones! That’s proof of a Real Addiction.
  14. Watch Old B&W Movies on Youtube. Or Turners Classic Movies. But watch Movies that are less about what is Happening around you Today. Constantly watching things that are keeping you down is not healthy for you.
  15. Forgive Your self.
  16. Don’t Beat Yourself up. You’re still human.
  17. Rejoin the Human Race. Go out and EAT at a Restaurant. Go to a Bar and watch a Game.
  18. Be Happy again. Just get back to being the ole you.