PROOF! China is Preparing for a FIRST STRIKE ATTACK on America!

I’ve said repeatedly that China is PREPARING to ATTACK AMERICA sooner than you could imagine! Forget the Forecasts and move them up. They are practicing RIGHT NOW!

Exactly just as Japan practiced prior to attacking Pearl Harbor!

This cannot be merely Overlooked. This is more than Saber-Rattling Chinese Generals!

This is really Happening!

They are practicing Killing Our Sailors and AirMen and U.S. Marines right now.

That’s a Mock-Up of an actual USS AIR CRAFT CARRIER. In the Chinese Desert! So the Chinese Military can Practice On.

And the Latest Chinese Military Plan is to USE HYPERSONIC missiles on all American Carriers all over the World. And hitting them with at Least 20-30 missiles each from SPACE. At the same time. And Hitting them all in 40 minutes and The White House and The Pentagon, too. All attacks in 40 minutes. Sixty Missiles will hit the Pentagon. 30 will hit The Capital and The White House each. I doubt that such an attack would allow Biden To get to a Safe Place in the White House. When everyone realizes what is taking place, it’ll be too late

It’s being planned! It’s being Practiced. That Satellite Image is NOT A LIE!

But who Cares? Do you?

China is Planning to MAXIMIZE on the Divisions in the GOP and Democrats and they believe that America is BROKEN and only CHINESE RULE can Fix America.