Thank You!

My Grandfather once told me-If you do the maintenance and take care of her, she’ll take care of you. And that was on his two Cars.

And that’s what is needed in Our Country-To Take Care of Her and She’ll Take Care of Us! And that’s What Big Bad Joe is doing for all of us. For all of Us!

Thank You!

Biden Celebrates Infrastructure Win, Even if Harder Victory Is Ahead

“Finally! Infrastructure week!” Mr. Biden declared with a broad smile from the State Dining Room, making a subtle dig at his predecessor, Donald J. Trump, whose White House perpetually promised and promised and promised big investments in the nation’s public works, but never amassed the focus or votes. That GOP disappointingly failed the Country.

BBut here comes a confounding contradiction-

Americans are, by many measures, in a better financial position than they have been in many years. They also believe the economy is in terrible shape.

This is the great contradiction that underlies President Biden’s poor approval ratings, recent Republican victories in state elections and the touch-and-go negotiations over the Biden legislative agenda. It presents a fundamental challenge for economic policy, which has succeeded at lifting the wealth, incomes and job prospects of millions of people — but has not made Americans, in their own self-perception, any better off.

Quit worrying about NOTHING. Get a Job and Enjoy Life!