President Biden is being Brutally attacked by Pro-Trump News and the GOP. Far worse than Trump ever was!

America’s Supply Chain isn’t Broken. But what is WRONG won’t be easy to Fix.

  1. Jobs Online is a FAILURE! 93% of Applicants are Lost in the System by Algorithms that KILL an Applicant’s Application.
  2. Jobs Unfilled! Sure are. But Employers aren’t willing to go back to the Old Fashioned Way of Hiring a Person by doing an Interview. They are Using Online Outsourcing Companies that are BROKEN DOWN and asking many Applicants for A FEE TO BE PAID before letting them thru the First Door just to be told about an Employer looking for Employees. It’s Become a Crooked Racket now.
  3. The Shortage of Truck Drivers and Longshoremen isn’t new. China’s MAIN PORT shutdown over Covid. This was a Huge Disruption that many have decided to Overlook. No, they want to play the Biden Attack Game. Making hypocritical claims that Biden Stole Christmas.
  4. GOP Governors are making it harder for Goods to flow correctly in their States with their long Truck Inspections causing some Weigh Stations to take 8-Hr to get thru them. Holding Trucks at Immigrant Checkpoints like the one at Sierra Blanca that is well inside Texas and NOT AT THE BORDER for Hours and Hours and then stoking the Anti-Biden Flames. It’s sad Our Nation is being Festered with Politicking BULLSHIT in the Holiday Season.
  5. Refusing to allow Truck Drivers from Canada or Mexico in to Help with the lack of Drivers here is just Stupid. This is being done by non-Government Entities. But who Cares? Do you?