What Experts say a 2nd Trump Presidency would Look Like-

  1. Changing the Constitution. First Order of Business is to make His Term in Office extended for 12 years.
  2. At the end of 12 Years, the Office of President will be changed to CZAR OF NEW AMERICA.
  3. NEW AMERICA will declare Bankruptcy and No Longer pay for any previous Debts.
  4. New Currency will be Written.
  5. Taking Firearms through Home Inspections from ALL DEMOCRATS.
  6. REVERSE ALL LEGISLATION DONE BY ANY DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION including Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid.
  7. House Arrest and DEPORT all Illegal Immigrants to China and North Korea.
  8. Arrest and Imprison all Democratic Legislators and Governors.
  9. Teach ONLY REPUBLICAN in all Schools.
  10. End Diversification. No more helping any one of a Non-White background.
  11. White Heritage must be traceable for Six Generations to be a member of the New Republican Party.
  12. Add Russia to NATO.
  14. Charge all DEMOCRATS a 30% Additional TAX to benefit the New Government.
  15. Change Pay for President to Ten Million per year. One Million per year to all Republican Congressmen.
  16. Eliminate all Female Congressmen.
  17. Arrest and Imprison all Gay Men.
  18. Arrest and Imprison all LGBTQ individuals. They will be determined to be degenerates by the New Government.
  19. Close all Anti-New Government News Sources. Arrest and Imprison all of their Reporters.
  20. Open New Re-Education Camps for any Person not Working regardless of physical Issues.
  21. For Morbid Obese Individuals, they will be placed in Re-Education Camps for Six Years.
  22. A New Government Rapid Deployment Force will be Created in each State to quell any Anti-New Government individuals.
  23. Hangings! Public Hangings will be Enacted.