We are already a HACKED Society!

The FUTURE only looks BRIGHT for the Rich!

Today, I watched a 98-year old woman get her Covid Booster shot before mine. I talked with her and she was simply amazing. Her mind was crisp and clear. She told me that her Generation failed all of us. She said the Robber Barons now run America. And she said she hated TRUMP. Said he was a very bad man and would destroy this Country before he shuts up. She looked at my U.S. Army VETERAN Cap on my head and told me-Thank you for your Service.

I told her-No Ma’am, don’t thank me. Thank you for still being Alive.

I was amazed to hear her talk. If anyone would know. She would. And those Haunting words came back to me over and over. She said this Country’s Love Affair with him must End. That he was a very Bad Man.

Her Stepfather fought in the Spanish American War which tool place in 1898. And her father fought in WWI. She said we went thru other Pandemics that they don’t talk about. Several Flu Pandemics. And she talked about whole neighborhoods coming down with Polio before the Vaccine. Kids in Wheelchairs everywhere.

Again, she told me that Trump was a very bad man and she left. But she said we lacked real Vision and failed to see Happiness in small things. Just a flower slowly moving up through Dirt. Life is precious. But she was sad about our Future and the man Hurting the Country.

But I know, I know, I know. You can’t see the things I see coming because you haven’t Loved or Lived in my shoes. But for most, the Future will be tolerable. I understood how the old woman talked. But the Future is far from being Bright. And the future will include things we’ve been hearing, things we’ve been seeing, things we’ve been writing about…The Writing is In the Wall.

Here’s one that Haunts me-so very few willing to raise their hand and take the Oath in Our Military. I took The Oath with all my Heart. But regardless of what you see, there are very few l, almost NONE. ? No Rich youngsters. NONE! But the RICH have their Puppets sitting in Congress. The Rich pull all the Strings here in America. And they USE MONEY to pit their PUPPET in Washington. Questionably a good and interesting point. And I know, you want PROOF! Simple-LOOK at everything that they do. When The Market funders. They Tell Congress what to Do and say and BAM! The Market Corrects itself in 24 hours.

And you want more PROOF! Sure. Can I ask you a Question? Why is it that the RICH GOT RICHER during the PANDEMIC? During the LOCKDOWN? Just go back and you’ll find your Answers. And I’m convinced the reason Congress has NEVER done anything to FACEBOOK is because it is Another Item ran by the Billionaires’s PUPPET. And can’t hurt him without making sure you see the Algorithms that MAKE them MONEY! They’ve stolen the Show! Stolen all of your Family DATA! And that means-

We’ve already been HACKED! We are a HACKED SOCIETY! They already can tell if a child is Gay by age SEVEN! Yes. They can Test Out Gay in your Child. In their 1st Years of School. They know. And they know who is SMART and who’s NOT. It’s amazing what they can now do. But it works against all of us. It doesn’t add a positive to us. We’ve all been unmasked. And it’s what it is. Most definitely.

The FUTURE only looks BRIGHT for the Rich! Your ability to Join this Elite Group is so slim that you’d be better getting through the eye of a needle first.

So many have lost how to be just a human being. The Old woman thanked me for asking her questions and she said-I thought everyone had forgotten me and were just waiting for me to die.

I told her she was Blessed and I hoped she made it to 100 and beyond…(She smiled) then we both laughed.