Oil Industry is Screwing TEXAS! Maybe your State too.

Endless Supply of Crude in your State? No, no way. Not the way it’s being pulled out of the Ground at a FAST AS HELL MANNER.

Oil Wells that should have lasted 50-75 years in your Grandfathers Day barely last three years now. Why?

The Oil Companies are horizontally Drilling and pulling out the Oil and Gas as fast as they can instead of drilling Traditional Wells and pulling these resources at a reasonable rate. A Reasonable Rate.

Instead of following the Well at 185 barrels of Oil over 50-75 years, they will pull 1500-3000 Barrels of Oil a day out of the Well. This prematurely Kills the Well. Maximum Results cannot be achieved by pulling the Oil and Gas out as fast as you can.

And why is this being Done?

GREED and MONEY! GREED and MONEY for Shareholders. MONEY AND GREED for Owners.

And this fanatical path will Guarantee America’s Dependence on Saudi Arabian Oil once again one day.

There is No Endless Supply of Oil and Gas in your State. Not in America. I’m your kids or grandkids days, it will be Saudi Oil at their Costs per Barrel.

Oil Industry admitted to Congress that the Fossil Fuel Industry is the Major Cause of Climate Control. But we don’t have a real alternative in place. Not enough for a Climate Change Reversal. We are just so Screwed in many ways….