TEEN PURGE! What’s that mean? It is being called TP. And most think TP is Toilet Paper. But it’s so far away from TP that you won’t believe what it is. I still can’t believe I’m letting you in on it. But I think mostly it is a HOAX. But what if?

On a Certain Teen APP that Teens are racing to like a Cotton Candy Vendor, there is another Game going on. Questions are being asked to Investigate each Teen’s Ability or Likelihood that they might join in TP. TEEN PURGE. And if certain algorithms are achieved, they are led to a New DARK WEB more Dark than Darkness itself. And ultra Secret! Yes. It is SECRET beyond all Secrecy.

But why is this being done? Who knows? But they have to have two things in the Creators-Money and IT Expertise. Lots of both. And maybe, just maybe it’s the Sign of the Times. But TP isn’t just alienated to just America. It’s a Global Phenom going on right now and 99.9% of 🇺🇸 have never heard of TP. And again, it’s not Toilet Paper. It’s two letters for Teen Purge. And the Violent Games asking Teens to do things that they then POST as PROOF that they did are the algorithms that the Creators are aimed at getting back. Proof Cursors.

But what is TP? Now, this is the part that is beyond all Belief. That right in front of all of our Noses, you didn’t even know that TP was going on. Right in your own Living Room. Right from your own Home. TP IS BEING PLANNED! And when I tell you what was relayed on to me, you’ll be like me quite dumbfounded. And you, Like me, we’ll say-No Way!

But with VPN, with a zillion doors to open to follow someone’s VPN, you won’t ever catch them in the Act unless they are in their TEEN DARK WEB on their Cell Phone or Laptop and Show it to you. They’re doing this even at School. But unless you prove you are or have all the RIGHT STUFF, then when you get to the Teen Dark Web, you, if a Teen, will be slowly given other members numbers to help you Plan your TP. Or your TP GROUP. But no contact in person until told to meet.

What is TP? TEEN PURGE is a single Night in your City where Teens will conduct their Own Purge of Adults. Yes, Kill Us! I know, I know, I know. I felt the same way until it was Outlined to me. It’s something like this- not a act I’m sure-

  1. Earlier in the night, they Steal Vehicles. They already have their own or Stolen Guns and Ammo.
  2. They sneak out of your Home, and go to a designated Spot.
  3. They then drive to a Designated Street. Block both street entrances with the Stolen Cars. Disable the Cars.
  4. Groups of 10-20 go into each Home. 50-100 go into Apartment Complexes.
  5. Then they ROB, STEAL, AND KILL AND BURN down to the Ground. But they, TP, does not Kill anyone under the Age of 14. 15 and Up got to go.

And it all begins at 2am and ends at Sunrise. By Sunrise, all TEENS must be back home. All clothes are stripped and changed on their way back home. Or simply go straight into the Shower and wash off any and all Blood. Wash the Clothes with A good Blood Remover. Then watch the night that took place on their New DARK WEB site? Maybe watch it from under their sheets? Or Blast it on the TV. And claim total ignorance of it.

And sure, it still sounds Quite mindboggling that this is a real possibility. I ASKED what night and was Told it will be given just before it starts. But I still think the person talking was pulling all of this out of their butt. But what if they was NOT? Car stealing?

I guess the night of it or night before. I mean, let’s face it, they got to Steal the Cars and is that planned for the same night?

Yes, it is. Car stealing is being Left to ones given CODES to Steal your car or truck. WHAT? Yes. The ones stealing the Vehicles have a connection to Grand Theft Auto already. But in real life and not the Video Game. And money? BITCOIN. What else?

So, sure, the way it was explained to me was quite concerning, to say the least. I mean, How many Teens would be willing to go on a Kling Spree like the PURGE MOVIES? Have these Teens been turned so desensitized that Killing seems quite doable to them. That it is Exciting. Or are they that extremely FRUSTRATED with the Adults. And why the Cutoff Age? Why the Killings?

But what Streets? Streets where who live on them? Legislators? Political Activists? Bankers? JUDGES? LAWYERS? Who? Who is going to be deliberately Targeted? Or will these Teens do their own Reconnaissance Missions and determine which Streets and which Apartment Complexes BASED UPON WHAT?

I’m sure the Creators are not going to let it all go without Certain People being taken out. But who?

And are the Creators from only one place? Or A.I. that has found or figured out a way to Solve Climate Change? Or not. Are they from a Government Military Wing? From where and who are these Creators?

But a Worldwide TEEN PURGE night is just beyond my comprehension or grasp. I’ve tried to get my head wrapped around it but it always comes back to me as just some Spoofing Crap. Some way out there Talk. Way too Creative? Way too much like a HOAX?

But what is it if it is No Hoax and being created and they are recruiting millions of Teens. And the Creators may decide which Part each Teen does. I’m thinking many Teens would not be Killers, but be Ridealongs on seeing all of it done as Support?

It’s quite unthinkable I know, but sure seems like there are lots of Violent Teens out there because of Covid. Angry, Mad Teens. But capable of Murdering us in our homes? To take everything you have on one night? And Burn your Home too?

Real Threat Coming or just a Big Lie? Is TP NIGHT COMING or just a Joke? Nothing to think twice about. But what if it isn’t and TP NIGHT is Coming and YOU are on their List?

The next morning you won’t be thinking Lovely Little Darlings, will you? We’re so proud of you.

And you find out your own kids fingerprints were found where they should never have been found. Or a Video showing your Most Shocking Video you’ll ever see and Guess What? It’s Your 🏡. Ouch…And it’s getting the Most Likes…Lol

True? No!