RUST MOVIE SET-Live Rounds, Dummy Rounds, Prop Guns? Who’s at Fault?

I am not pointing blame on anyone. What happened is done and can’t be taken back. Every year, I went through Firearms Training, and had to Qualify on a Certified Range to Keep my Job as a Texas Prison Guard. I also wrote the book-HANDGUN SAFETY, I also ran two Websites-GUN SAFETY & HANDGUN SAFETY. I went thru the 6th DPS class to become a DPS Certified Concealed Handgun Safety Instructor. Do I know about Gun Safety? For some and not enough for others. But like you, I’ve been reading and keeping up with this Movie Set Shooting. I have no dislike of any of these people at all.

With a 6 to 7 million dollar Budget and a fast-paced 21 day film schedule, how is it workers haven’t been PAID for three weeks? Were they out of Money? How? That sure seems like a lot of money for 21 days. But-

“Halyna Hutchins herself had been advocating for better working conditions on the set before the incident occurred.”

Hours before actor Alec Baldwin fatally shot a cinematographer on the New Mexico set of “Rust” with a prop gun, a half-dozen camera crew workers walked off the set to protest working conditions. … “There should have been an investigation into what happened,” a crew member said. “There were no safety meetings.

RUST MOVIE SET-Who is the Guilty Dawg? Or partially a Tragic Accident?

With a budget of about $6 million to $7 million, according to people familiar with the project, “Rust” was a passion project for Mr. Baldwin. It was expected to wind up on a pay-TV platform or a streaming service, they said.

Aside with this being a huge Tragedy, it’s time to ASK who might be responsible? Who is at Fault? And How did LIVE Rounds get into the Gun? I am a nobody who knows nothing, but do you? Let’s look at the Mysteries-

  1. It Wasn’t a PROP GUN! It was a Live Round and Prop Guns won’t take a Live Round.
  2. Armorer says their Weren’t Any Live Rounds on Movie Set. But there were? By whom?
  3. Ultimately, the one who has the Gun is responsible for its Safe Use. And anybody knows this-You got to check the Gun for your own Safety as well as for others when you take possession of any Gun. And yes, this absolutely means checking the Cylinders for rounds and checking the Barrel for any Obstruction. Alec Baldwin must not have performed a Safety Check on this Handgun in his possession. This was negligence on his part? Or poorly Trained Actor when it came to Firearms. FACT: Alec Baldwin Killed one and wounded another.
  4. Person says Gun was a “COLD” gun. I guess that this is supposed to tell the Actor that the Gun is Safe. But OBVIOUSLY, this person did not DO A SAFETY CHECK of the Gun before then saying it was a Safe Gun. This person was negligent for making a Safe Gun assumption without checking the Gun.
  5. Biggest Case for Responsibility? Who Put the LIVE Bullet or Bullets in the Gun?
  6. What was the reason for Live Rounds in the Gun? Who and Why were they there in the Gun.

I’ve never read where so many Handgun Safety Checks were NOT done. On a Movie Set? Are the Movie Producers that Unsafe?

  1. Were Handgun Safety Rules not taught on this Movie Set? If so, when and how? If no hands-on handgun safety were taught, then No Gun Safety was taught. You have to have your Students. Pupils or Actors trained with Hands-On Training.
  2. Why were LIVE Rounds on this Movie Set?
  3. And no matter how difficult this one is-WAS THIS A PLANNED MURDER?

Murder? You bet. Nothing can be Ruled out. RTraining.Right? It takes but a second to LOAD a couple of Live Rounds And then claim Gun was said to be Safe?

Or a way to get some unwanted person off the Movie Set.

Okay, drop the Murder Idea and look at this-

  1. You want to get rid of the man who called out the Gun was a COLD GUN.
  2. You want to get rid of the Armorer on the Movie Set.

So, you put the Live Rounds in, but your intention was to Fire the Rounds only to near-miss People and then cause others to be Removed from the Movie Set. Murder not being the reason at all.

But Negligence did exist? Lots of it or a little of it? The Little Bit that was Deadly.

And another scenario.

The True Accident Scenario-

Crew members were firing the guns while on Break, new film crew was there too, and something happened which got the Gun or Guns hurriedly put back on the Actor’s Gun Table. But it still had two Live Rounds in it. And was placed there by a person who did not do a Safety Check on that gun.

You always do a Handgun Safety Check every time you receive a Gun and then another when you give that same Gun to anyone or put it up. It’s stupid repetition. But Lives are at Stake and Why you do them.

All guns are then LOCKED-UP when they are not in USE. Or USE a TRIGGER LOCK if you do not have a Storage Container that can be Locked.

If the new film Crew were invited to Shoot the guns while on break, they probably Missed the Handgun Safety Classes prior to each Shooting Scene.

Again, where was the Firearms Safety Officer?

You treat every gun as being LOADED! If a Child was on the Movie Set, then other Charges must be Made against Mr. Baldwin. ?


Did the new film Crew bring the Live Rounds? Or were LIVE Rounds always allowed and Shooting of the Guns using Live Rounds did take place?

But exactly why did the Other Film Crew QUIT? I believe SAFETY on the Movie Set was one of their Reasons for Leaving. Was it not?

‘Rust’ To Undergo Internal Safety Review After Fatal Shooting, Crew Quit Earlier That Day

“We cited everything from lack of payment for three weeks, taking our hotels away despite asking for them in our deals, lack of Covid safety, and on top of that, poor gun safety! Poor on-set safety period!” a crew member alleged on a private Facebook group the publication states. “They brought in four non-union guys to replace us and tried calling the cops on us.”

Something sure seemed to be off or amiss on this Movie Set. But what would you have changed?

But such a Tragedy for sure…