FACEBOOK should RENAME ITSELF to “Creepy Weird Guy’s Company”

I’m sorry, but he comes across as a

non-caring Super Creepy Weird Guy. Doesn’t he?

Allowing the FACEBOOK PLATFORM to use harmful divisive-creating Algorithms. Hitting your conscious and your Non-Conscious Mind with these sorts of mentalities is Unacceptable. Inexcusable!

Time to “Ma Bell” Metaverse. The new name for FACEBOOK. OR META. Name it whatever and you still cannot remove the Stench…

Too many Times in Front of Congress with his Hollow Promises. We need to Breakup META! BY STATE? BY COUNTRY?


The social network(FACEBOOK), under fire for spreading misinformation and other issues, said the change was part of its bet on a next digital frontier called the metaverse.

When I look at him, he looks like and acts like an A.I. ROBOT