Probably one of the Most Discussed Movies about the Vietnam War-APOCALYPSE NOW. I’ve watched every version of it and it still says one thing-We should Have Never Been There. But that’s what Politicians do when they fear the Population. Yes, there was a great Fear among the Politicians that Civil Unrest was going to EXPLODE. And it did. The WATTS RIOTS stands as a reminder of mankind unwilling to unwind from its Past. And what a Past America has had when it comes to all forms of Inequality. It is inescapable. And like the Color of our skin, it cannot be unwashed. The Dye is Stuck. But many try and Keep Separatists Ideas and Values alive. It’s time to Move On on many Issues Today that need a Total Complete Analysis and Politicians is a Huge One. Get them right before they ruin the Country.

America is a Land for All and not Red. Not Blue. Only blurried-eyed blind men cannot pull the stick that has been planted in the Eyes of Millions. Grasp once again the importance of Being a Man. Of being a Country. Of being an American. Solid in the beliefs we all hold dear. We must ignore the temptations of being spoon-fed daily doses of Political Porridge and Told How to See Our Inequalities. See them in Reality and Not fiction. Do not let your own Pride Destroy you.

Do not lift Politicians to STARDOM! There are not Rock Stars. We must put them back in their Tiny Offices and Put them to Work for all of ūüáļūüáł. Their Social Media Platforms should Remove all of them like it always was. The way it needs to be RETURNED! Are you knowing this too? Feel it? Pray to God for real answers and not for them on your Cell Phones. God will hear you. His Office is Open 24/7. Cheap, Heavy Handed Words must not leave Our Lips against Our Neighbors a day longer.


But this Movie now showing on NETFLIX still reminds me of my own Military experiences. Some Good and some Bad. And some Dead. The many, too many Dead.

And I am reminded of the legless ones in Vietnam Today that are still finding the buried mines left over from Wars there. A sad Tale that spins in your mind, doesn’t fit our main way of thinking, does it?

But others now walk amongst us with their own Military Experiences that no one should ever FORGET. These Sacrifices are not to be taken lightly ever. They deserve all of our Respect and Love from a Grateful NATION.

What is APOCALYPSE NOW about? It’s about

  1. Innocence of the New Recruits.
  2. It’s about full exposure to Drugs.
  3. it’s about the Craziness of Lost Commands.
  4. It’s about SURVIVAL and also, one Family forging thru the War protecting their RUBBER PLANTATION.
  5. And A Glory Captain who compares the Smell of Napalm in the Morning to VICTORY.
  6. But one Captain given an Assassin Mission to Kill Colonel KURTZ. A man who went outside the Soundness of Accepting the Politician’s War and he takes matters into his own Hands. And his men worship Him.
  7. But it is the War thrown into Your Face.


Apocalypse Now Redux¬†is a 2001 American¬†extended version¬†of¬†Francis Ford Coppola‘s¬†epic¬†1979¬†war film¬†Apocalypse Now. Coppola, along with editor/longtime collaborator¬†Walter Murch, added 49 minutes of material that had been removed from the original film. It represents a significant re-edit of the original version.

Apocalypse Now Redux
Theatrical release poster
Directed byFrancis Ford Coppola
Written byJohn MiliusFrancis Ford Coppola
Narration byMichael Herr
Produced byFrancis Ford CoppolaKim Aubry
StarringMarlon BrandoRobert DuvallMartin SheenFrederic ForrestAlbert HallSam BottomsLaurence FishburneChristian MarquandAurore ClémentHarrison FordDennis Hopper
CinematographyVittorio Storaro
Edited byRichard MarksWalter MurchGerald B. GreenbergLisa Fruchtman
Music byCarmine CoppolaFrancis Ford Coppola
American Zoetrope
Distributed byMiramax Films
Release dateMay 11, 2001 (Cannes)August 3, 2001 (United States)
Running time202 minutes[1]
CountryUnited States
Box office$12.5 million[2]