Are Social Platforms preordained to Defeatism?

Did you recently QUIT YOUR JOB? And what finally led you to that Decision?

My own father once told me to NEVER BOUNCE AROUND in the Job Market. You know, bouncing from one Job to the Next. Why? If you never consider two things, it won’t matter much to you.

  1. Retirement.
  2. Bouncing from one Job to the Next gives the Appearance that You Are Not A Good Candidate to Hire. The prospective Employer may think you Have Problems Keeping A Job.

But some Jobs are just not right for us, are they? Are they? And some Bosses that are in Charge that don’t Have Any Business being a Boss or Supervisor.

And I’m telling you now, some stories workers have told me are simply Shocking. Places to NEVER Work at.

And if you want to find some Sorry Places to Work, try working for a Temporarily Job Placement Company. As you bounce from Employer to Employer, you will find out pretty quickly why they can’t keep a warm body to stay with them.

I did this to help make extra money to pay for a house I was building. And Several Places Stuck out.

The First was a Plastic Bucket place that made 5 gallon white Buckets. And it got plain Stupid at night. At night the Workers would shoot “O” rings at each other. Some nights a thousand dollars worth. But in the wee hours they’d shoot them into the Hopper on the Machine you were working with that made Hot Fresh Molded Buckets. And as the pellets came down the Hopper, do would the BLACK “O”RINGS. And the choppers would eat them up along with the White plastic pellets. And the Buckets would be Defective with BLACK chunks in the Wall. And then these Buckets would have to be then Chopped up.

It was pure Madness. And those Idiots did it every night. Especially to the New Guy. They thought that was some good BULLSHIT. I thought it was some Sorry people. And after one night, they tried to Hire me and I said No. But I wasn’t looking for a Job. But what I really wanted to say was HELL NO!

Then I went to work Temp Work at a Recycle Place and the Owner was an SOB. He sat and watched you work. And when anyone stopped for any reason, he ran out of his Office and told that person to GET BACK TO WORK. I was there because another Temp Worker got his PAY CHECK and then QUIT! I hadn’t been there three hours and I wanted to QUIT. The Owner or Manager was a real Chicken Shit. He kept coming out. And Bitched at these workers like a Slave Boss might have.

They asked me to come back but I told the Temp Company I wouldn’t ever go back to that place. And I didn’t. The workers were treated so miserably.

Then another was these Rich Kids fresh out of College who had their Shit straight. They’d buy USED MRI MACHINES, precondition them and sell them OVERSEAS for a Killing.

And I helped break down an Old Machine at the only hospital here back then and dang, the amount of Blood in the cracks and all was shocking. But what got me was they then helped us put it in a Commercial Moving Van, a Large 18-Wheeler one. The one that moved Your Home Furniture. And in that Cargo Trailer was all the Blood from the MRI Machine we put in there. Fresh Blood. It was being used during a Surgery or Car Accident right up till we tore it down and put it in that Trailer.

But these College Kids gave us a Tip! A $20 Bill each. WOW! BIG Spenders while they were making over a 100 Grand. And one of the Temps told us not to accept the money. And I said-Watch This! As I took the $20 Bill. Then the others did. Lol…

But sure, I know lots of other places where they treat Employees like Shit. They’re everywhere. And they are what they are.

But, hopefully you’ll find a Job that pays good benefits and a place you’ll enjoy working at. And pays Good Wages.

I hated places that paid ONLY CONTRACT LABOR. These places didn’t take out for Taxes or gave any Benefits. At these places, when you Retire, if you work for 30 years, you’ll get Money but No Retirement Monies from them.

And let’s Face it! A single CHECK from Social Security isn’t going to Cut it in this day an Age when You Retire if you can ever RETIRE?

Work Hard and Get to 65 and only a $1200 Social Security Check each month. How will you Make it?

On Government Subsidies? Food Stamps? Or Food Stamp Money Card? Food Bank? Welfare?

Or are you gonna work till you Drop?

Lots of poorly educated people never planned past one week or one month at a time. Never for Retirement. And let’s face it. There are a ton of Ignorant Folks on America. Not saying they are Bad People. Just not smart enough to know much of anything else. And they take the Bad Jobs working for Sorry Companies or Employers.

But sure, everyone can’t get an easy Truck Driving Job. Criminal Record? Bad employment Record? Can’t pass a Physical? Pass getting a Commercial Driving Record? But, if you can drive carefully and want a Good Job? Look for-

  1. Good Truck Driving School.
  2. A good paying Truck Driving Job that has Medical Benefits, pays dividends, pays for a Retirement and it isn’t just a CONTRACT LABOR JOB. Too many Driving snobs are out there that will screw you over three Drivers.

But good Driving companies pay all of these, so don’t settle for one that doesn’t pay you what you are worth. Don’t settle for less. You only have one Life. Debit wisely and get what you’re worth. Plan for Two Retirement Checks! But get on it.

But some want to end you getting a good paying Job.

And they are racing to put nothing but Driverless Trucks on the Highways screwing over all of these hard working men and women Drivers now driving on our Highways.

Truck Drivers are America’s Best Friends!