FORT HOOD-Here’s One Better!

Since all y’all wanna strip Fort Hood of its Name, then by all means do it and when you do, GIVE ALL OF US DESCENDANTS OF CONFEDERATE SOLDIERS who you Confiscated Our Family Lands from for Chicken Feed to create yo damn Fort Hood and GIVE OUR LAND BACK TO US! We want Our Land Back! Give us Our Land Back! And you can Call Fort Hood whatever the Hell you Want!

First, the Damn Civil War!

Then Y’all Come and Steal Our Family Farm!

Our Land was literally STOLEN from us and I listened to pissed-off Family Members always Bitching about it. But now, you want to Change the Name because it has a name of a Confederate Person. Well Hell, gonna destroy all Confederate Tombstones Too? Might as well keep pissing on us Like all Our Families didn’t already suffer enough. And you say we don’t know NOTHING. No, Y’all don’t know NOTHING about what’s right and what’s wrong.

Folks. All Y’all need to read about the Grayson and Coryell County, Texas Farmers turned Confederate Recruits who didn’t have no shoes and barely had clothes on their bodies and most didn’t even own a Firearm. Their Upper Rank had to beg residents of Waco, Texas for Clothes, Guns, And shoes for them! Walking from Coryell County, Texas to Waco, Texas BAREFOOT! And then they had to survive their own

Only us Dogs Care, But tell me More!

WINTER DEATH MARCH OF THE 15TH! (With Lt. Col. James E. Harrison commanding the Fifteenth Texas, the brigade then marched from Fort Smith through snow to the Red River in February)

FIFTEENTH INFANTRY that all History Scholars very nicely tucked under their Big Butts and didn’t ever Teach their real Suffering the Texas Boys suffered and died from and Froze from. Soldiers Froze! Mules and Horses Froze! No, they don’t Teach that! Death March into the Indian Plains. These Texas Boys were Screwed-Over so badly and then their Families later for Land for Fort Hood.

And they don’t remember why they Called it Fort Hood way back then-it was To prevent Lynchings!

But I was Told the creepy stories by my Grandmother when they forced her and all of the family off Our Land at Gunpoint and stole it, took our Land, was TOOK AT GUNPOINT and got pennies for it

and she barely got enough for a down payment on not even 1/7th the same amount of Land.

The establishment of Camp Hood in the early 1940s took approximately 225 square miles of land in southern Coryell County, eliminating two dozen communities and nearly 1,200 farms. 

We went from Owning 640 Acres and a hundred head of Cows and went to 90 Acres with No Cows. We had to re-buy our own Cows and you could only take three. Two milk cows and a Bull. One Horse out of a dozen head we had.

So while everyone’s bitching about Changing the Name of Fort Hood.


Give Us Our Land Back! PAY US US WHAT YOU OWE US! For us, we were taught the Civil War was the

“War of Northern Aggression”


Not Slavery. We fought to keep the North and their Crazy Ideas out of Texas. We were told We were going to be Slaves for the North on our own Farms when they got to Texas.

In 1860, only 81 were Listed as Slave Owners. And Guess what? We didn’t have none.

While I grew-up, we drove out to Fort Hood and had picnics on the Old Brown Farm. The one Stolen from us…See, We Got a Beef Too! It ain’t just a name changing Beef. But Big Brother loves screwing the little folk.

Stripping military bases of Confederate names stirs passions.

You Damn Right it DOES!


Gosh we’re Sorry to hear that

But it doesn’t matter to those who didn’t lose nothing….