95% of Misinformation and Party Division in America can be traced to its Origin-FACEBOOK!

Countries all over the World are now Reviewing what effects FACEBOOK has been playing in their Country’s Affairs and Elections.

Americans were being sabotaged with US views of political material on Facebook – a very high proportion for Facebook – were of posts falsely alleging that Joe Biden’s victory was fraudulent.

Americans were being duped into false words of Voter Fraud and Stolen Election and a Massive Division between the Parties and reinforced Daily on their Accounts. People were being bombarded in such a way that they would believe the Lies presented by the 45th.

It’s the most Obvious Attempt to destroy American Democracy solely by An APP. That APP? FACEBOOK!



And The Washington Post reported on concern among Facebook employees about the role the site played in the spread of misinformation that helped fuel the deadly Jan. 6 storming of the US Capitol.