Yes, you can. Yes, all of 🇺🇸 can. Don’t let anything interrupt who you really ARE. Do you WORK for a Political Party? Not likely. So, why are you allowing Politics and you always being on your Band Wagon now define who you are? Why?

OMG! Regain Your Life! Break the Umbilical Cord now. Don’t allow Politics to Lead you now. Most of 🇺🇸 want a Breather. Get off our Chests. Let us on the Gas Pedal.

You were created by God. Not some Idiot working with Dead Parts. Is that you now on that Slab above? Can’t you Move On?

STOP! Know right now what your Great, Great Grandparents or your Parents were experiencing? Know where you came from and where the Views you have came from-

In many ways, I hear the same words spoken Today that I can attribute to the 1900’s. In College, I studied World Literature for my Degree in English. It was very difficult for a West Texas Boy to learn to read this strange and exotic language and Stories. But they were teaching me a great Lesson-I didn’t know Shit. And most people don’t either. Sure, we know stuff. But we often go half-cocked into a conversation with little knowledge of what we are speaking about. Haven’t you done that? And felt out of place when someone put you in our place where they knew what the Heck they were talking about? Sure, all of 🇺🇸 has.

But I believe 🇺🇸 needs to STOP! REWIND-BE KIND!

All through our loves in life, we often need to take a Review of where we are. What we are and How we Got here.

Doing a DNA on yourself is a great Start. Living DNA is a Company I used. The Y-Chromosome doesn’t change from Male to Male and I wanted to know. But many don’t want to learn that they are related to Bad People in their Family History.

  1. America is more RACIST TODAY than at any point in our History.
  2. Our Two Major Political Parties are the Most Authoritarian Parties EVER! Forget trying to make analogies to Nazi Germany. You don’t need to do that. Why? Baby, we are already there and have been for a Full Two Generations.

REWIND-BE KIND! Quit making excuses.

And for goodness sakes, font go out on a limb trying to start your own New Weird Fringe Group. Aren’t there already enough of those? Instead of Dixon things, People are trying to break them even further.

STOP HATING EACH OTHER! Wishing someone DEAD has to Stop!


And you say that I’m way off the beaten Track? No, I’m trying to help you Take It Down a Notch! Why? A Nation cannot continue to Exist where each Neighbor despises each other. You cannot keep ratcheting-up the Cold Blooded Succeed Talk among States without reaching a far, far disappointing Result. And now Counties are wanting to try leaving their State for another. Why? Pat yourself on your Backs 🇺🇸! We Created That! I place Blame on Every American. On those trying to make it Happen and those Not trying to Stop it. Those encouraging it. Those trying to halt it.

But why is this Happening? Ait.Ameruca gas forgotten how to REWIND-BE KIND!

America is one of the most Caring and Giving Countries in the World, yet you couldn’t prove it by many Acts that say that is contrary to Kindness.

Did you watch that Short Documentary? It’s what your Great-Grandparents are preaching. And they got it from a previous Generation. But a lot of the Bad told Today are from Hate-Filled Hearts and Minds. Old People are not Preaching REWIND-BE KIND! No, they are so full of piss and vinegar that they are Hellbent on Acting like they are going to be here another 49 years…ain’t hapoening and they are passing to anyone Willing to listen nothing but HATE. They are consumed in Hate because many did not Plan for a Retirement. They are Stuck living in pure Poverty that they never knew was going to Happen to them. Watching Sex Shows won’t bring back your Youth. It’ll just make you even more Mad at your own Situation. Some people are too stupid to know when it’s time to Join a Good Retirement Home. Pick a Good one that the ones there are still Active and they have OTHERS to talk their similar Likes and Dislikes and languages.

Trying to have it YOUR WAY all your Life works just so long. One Day. People quit listening to you. Why? Because you forgot and everyone has forgotten-REWIND-BE KIND! I remember my relatives Best by who treated Life in a Loving Manner. Not the Drunks and Piss and Vinegar Tossing Pissy ones who made you wish you had never visited them. They had forgotten-REWIND-BE KIND!

So, as we go thru Life, do a Reality Check and find out where you are? ASK Others if they think you are a Good Person? Or, a Bad Person? And if they say Bad. REWIND-BE KIND! Ask them why they think you are a Bad Person. But be polite. Remember, you are the one who Asked. But like Ebenezer Stooge, You might still have time to be remembered as a Good Person by listening and changing your ways.

🇺🇸 must REWIND-BE KIND! All of 🇺🇸 must take a step back and End these Discussions of Dissolving this Great COUNTRY.

I fully believe China is planning to destroy American Forces on Korean Soil and then Invade America with a Two Million Soldier Force. All in 2024 or close to it. I already explained to you how in an Earlier Blog. But right now, can you please try to begin to-REWIND-BE KIND!