China’s Plan to Invade American Soil!

First Off, I and most Americans don’t have a dislike for the Chinese. It’s the Leaders who direct the Path Of their Nation that dictates what will become of that Nation. China appears to now be flowing the Path to War. Haters of Americans will still claim it to be all the Americans hated us Chinese. No, nothing is farther from the Truth. China is trading places with America and now becoming more and more IMPERIALISTS and America less and less. China is desperate for Land. So much so that they are building Artificial Islands. And claiming more and more Ocean Boundaries farther and farther away from land for planned Underwater Cities? It is not Americans in bed with each other to Kill Chinese as some cry out to hide the truths. And it would be a Controlled “Tit for Tat” use of Nuclear Weapons unless other Nations are brought in and use them in an Uncontrolled manner. Russia could make it a World Ending War. But I don’t think Putin is that Crazy. Or is he? The Biggest Issue would be another World Wave of leukemia. I’ve been writing and reading about a War with China for a long time now and I’ve never thought War might happen until now. Is 🇺🇸 ripe for picking? Folks, I still remember picking cotton as a young boy and crying dragging that long cotton bag. Many in 🇺🇸 have never had it tough, never rough. I’m talking dirt poor living working hard just for a meal. Did you ever? No, many in 🇺🇸 just Quit their Jobs when things get tough. It’s easier to spend all day Gaming or watching TV. And these types will have the Shock of their Lives when they Report to Boot Camp. Or “Mountain Moving” Class first to get their Fat off before Boot Camp. But few will be exempted in this War. Even those in their Sixties will have to come out and help fight.

SURPRISE! be exempted Can you Speak Chinese? Better learn soon. And how do you Like rice? What can you trade for with three bowls of Rice? Again, Get Ready. But you’re Ready? You say you always Ready…didn’t you?

The Attack is Coming…Wake-Up, China is your Issue, not your Fellow American.

Stupid Folks do Stupid Stuff. And Too many Stupid Folks are so Humping the Pooch that they are Not watching the real Dangers facing America.

Friends, Mi Amigos, Mi Compadres, China is preparing for an All Out War with America. And Invading America with a Two Million Man Force with Ten Million more coming afterwards. And you Say-No Way. Wait and see. You having a Gun and most Americans owning a Gun isn’t going to Stop them. Most have no real Survival Training in Combat.

While you’ve been Brain Dead for nothing but Political Crap festering up there, you better make Some real room for what is taking place abroad.

  1. China is fast tracking a Navy Shipyard Building a Navy War Ship at a rate of one per month.
  2. China is building Transport Ships at Two per month. Each carrying 5000 men.
  3. China is building Attack Fighters at a rate of five per week.
  4. China is building long range Bombers at a rate of one per month.
  5. China is planning to have in place a Military Force with the PVA included of 15 Million by 2024.
  6. China is placing Hypersonic Weapons in Space. And they have been TESTED! YES! They are already there. Weaponized Space! And that was their 10th successful Test and 🇺🇸 hasn’t gotten one to work yet.
  7. China is building a Carrier at one per Six Months.
  8. China has tripled its Production of Military Tanks and all related Military Gear.

And the Plans? Here’s a real possibility-

  1. North Korea will declare War on South Korea.
  2. PVA will join North Korean Forces as soon as the U.N. sends Troops and are Landed on Korean Soil.
  3. China will ATTACK TAIWAN. And Japan…yes, they going to wipe out Japan’s Tiny Force very quickly. They acknowledge in their News that the Japanese have No Spin for fighting.
  4. China will ATTACK Guam, Midway, and Pearl Harbor as soon as Taiwan Surrenders. Taiwan will Fold very quickly. They are all talk.
  5. China will move its Forces to South Korea from Taiwan. And they will Trap the U.N. between two Chinese Forces. China will demand America Surrender as several American Military Divisions will be Trapped and Crushed. Or near annihilation.
  6. China will then send it’s Navy and Transport Ships. To America’s West Coast. And pour in thru Alaska too via a Route thru Russia.

And you say-NO Way. Well, Guess What? The Chinese are building up in South America right now. And you still keep saying-No Way. Who are you to say anything when too many Pompus-Asses are more worried about carrying their Political Torches while they should be saving that stuff for the month of the actual Election. Not a never-ending run-up all the way, every day until the Election? Have we all gone Mad? Giving Politicians STARDOM STATUS is Insane. Insanity!

I wished every time you floated your bathtub boat for your Party that your body would turn a little Red or Blue. And when you float your Political Boats enough, you’d turn completely Red or Blue. Won’t be no Doubts about it then. But you FORGET, others Hate 🇺🇸.

And 🇺🇸icans haven’t been taking Note of what is going on in China right now. Have you? Well, it’s about time to take a Look.

Military vehicles carrying DF-17 hypersonic missiles drive past Tiananmen Square in Beijing during the Oct. 1 parade on the 70th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China.   © Reuters.

When China Invades Taiwan, all PRESCRIPTION DRUGS for America and made in China will be Halted. Fat Overweight People on Blood Sugar Meds and Blood Pressure Meds will be shit out of Luck. Millions of Americans will Die by this one Act. 70% of all PRESCRIPTION DRUGS that America Needs are Made in CHINA! Or didn’t you know that? And when all China Exports to America are Halted, what next? What happens next? Some Degree of Panic will ensue. In the Streets. In the Homes. Won’t be no more time to worry about who’s wearing what kind of Political Cap. That shit’ll be Old News quickly. Learning ways to Avoid the DRAFT will be the New News.

Just Living will be the New Game. Too many don’t even realize that One Nuke Exploded over America will turn it into the Stone Ages. Just One! And miles above the Ground at that.

And you say American Forces won’t be Crushed in South Korea? You USE a Nuke and China will too.

So, how far are you willing to go on the Nukes? 🇺🇸 uses a few. 🇨🇳 uses a few. No matter how many you Use, you’ll lose on the Number of People you have. For China, it will be a War to Win by Attrition of Dead People. When enough People Die, the War will be Halted. Only until enough have Died. Enough to move America back 100 years? Let 35 million Americans live? Which ones? Or none at all?

China will easily Trade Ten Million to Your One Million. Suddenly, you are paying ATTENTION? Where’d you come from?

Yes, suddenly, it’s time to realize that there are Greater Things to be concerned with than Non-Stop Daily Political Medicine. Political Food fed to you like porridge daily. Hey, guess What? There’s No Elections until 2022 and then 2024. That’s two months. One in 2022 and one on 2024. One month in each year for Political Debate and stuff like that. The MONTH of the Election and not 365 days of sickening Political Talk. Like in the past, Give Politicians their one Month in an Election Year and No More! Yes, put them back in their Tiny Offices where they Belong and make them work and not Daily mind boggling weird stuff. To hell with them. They and their children won’t be fighting. But you and yours will.

Quit Worshipping these Politicians like Demi-Gods. Like Rock Stars. They wipe their Asses just like you do. Give them only one month of your intelligent thought each year of an Election and Quit the Non-Stop always everyday political food. It’ll ruin your Brain.

China is a real threat and really making plans for a War with YOU! Yes, with YOU! YOU ARE 🇺🇸 AREN’T YOU? But You aren’t mentally prepared! Are you? No, you been planning ways to fight the other guy here at home, haven’t you? Fools wake-up!

But dang, folks, China is not playing around. Yes they been WOKE-UP! BIG TIME! AND CAN’T NO ONE CHANGE THEM NOW!

Except Defeat them! We must Defeat Them!

Or the other is what I really don’t want to think about. Going to a Chinese Re-Education Camp?

And learning to never have Voting Privileges AGAIN?

That’s what a Chinese Victory would mean. Then who’s going to get Invaded next?



Canada? Absolutely!

It won’t Stop until China Rules the World. Once they start, they won’t S T O P!

America will be in a Bad Situation to repel an Invading Force. Most Military Hardware is Overseas or will be sent to South Korea for War. General Patton once wrote a Plan and his Plan said that they’d get to the Rockies before being Repelled. But that didn’t included a Crushing Blow in South Korea first. A severe weakening Blow that’d be. And NATO? Forget about them too. One Nuke over each of their Countries and they’ll be useless.

And if China’s 2nd and 3rd Landing Forces arrive on American Soil, I don’t see how they can be beaten back except by using Nukes. But 🇺🇸 uses Nukes, 🇨🇳 will use Nukes. But they are willing to Trade more Lives than You? They can lose a ton more.

Gonna Happen? Really gonna Happen? I’m 95% sure China will be in a War with America by 2024. In South Korea for sure. Team USA has always been planning this would take place in 2049. And that We’d be prepared by 2045. But Friends, You cannot be Building up your Forces like China is Today without something gonna give. You can’t control your Army that way. They want to fight. Sounds CRAZY, Especially with your own Armed Forces Personnel without a real Plan in Place for real War on American Soil. We’d resort to fighting like the Taliban.

You say we got a Plan. Well, most of your guys won’t understand Military type instructions. And many have been drawn-up. But let’s face this Reality-Your Best Forces just got Defeated when they begin landing Their Troops on American Soil. Morale will be way down. Way down. And China’s will be running High.

Friends, Mi Amigos, Mi Compadres, China spent $200 Million Dollars, Government Dollars, on a War Monger Movie depicting how the PVA wiped out the American Forces and forced the Korean War to be extended for three more years. It’s main purpose is for Recruiting another Massive PVA FORCE to go again into North Korea. All of it is being very well choreographed like a Play. A Play of War against 🇺🇸.

China wants Taiwan reunited with China because their Not being a Chinese Island is a Big Thorn in the Dragons Side. America is another Big Thorn. War is coming…I believe it’s too late to reverse the Activities of Building a Massive Army and Navy and Air Power with all the Supplies like China is doing. The Building of Troop Transports, alone, is the Mark of an Invasion Force headed to America one day. And they are planning it. Not America.

WARNING: No one can predict the Future! Not even the author of this Blog. Read all the News and makeup your own Mind. I pray for Peace always, but it’s what people like me do. I want No Wars. Do you?

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