‘Prop Gun’ in the hands of the poorly Trained can Kill.

Blank, Dummy, or Real Bullet coming out?

My own Daughter was shot thru the chest with a .45 caliber handgun and survived and is in a wheelchair.

The Bullet ripped thru her Chest.

I shot another Man with a Prop Gun using Blanks in their Face and they Forgot to close their Eyes. They were injured! Yes. They got Hurt. They were. And I did that. You cannot change what you did. You cannot un-pull the trigger. You cannot whistle the Bullet back into the Gun.

But Dead is Dead.

And now, I take No Pity with anyone allowing Guns to Kill because

  1. Safety Rules were Violated.
  2. Safety Rules were not Present.
  3. Proper Daily Safety Training was not Used.
  4. There was No Range or Firearms Safety Officer present.
  5. Person shooting was incapacitated or Poorly Trained or did not understand the Training.
  6. There is No Excuse for a Prop Gun to Kill or Injure anyone. It’s inexcusable.

I’m sorry there was a Gun Accident on a Movie Set. But it should never have happened.

Making any real gun safe doesn’t exist. You must treat all Guns as being dangerous. Even using Blanks and using “so called Dummy Rounds” does not turn any Gun into a SAFE GUN.

Again, there is no such thing as a Safe Prop Gun. It can only be used in a Less than Deadly Manner.

Like a Pilot landing a Plane. Each Landing is a Controlled Crash. Same with Guns.

Prop Guns are still REAL GUNS only using Blank Cartridges or Dummy Rounds. But when put into the hands of a Child, they can become DEADLY!

Put into the hands of the poorly trained or those not observing Established Gun Safety Rules can Kill or Injure anyone on a Movie Set or on a Drama Set. Not having a Gun Safety Person present also matters greatly.

Also, when a Gun Kills anyone, it still is a Killing when the person Dies. But the Biggest reason someone Dies is that the USER has not been properly trained or the SAFETY or RANGE OFFICER failed in their Job.

  1. Before any Gun is to be used, a Gun Safety Course must take place. This is true anywhere and anytime a Gun is to be used.
  2. Each Participant must demonstrate that they can competently handle a Gun in a Safe manner.
  3. THERE IS NO Excuse FOR Not using Gun SAFETY. People die when you do not have Gun Safety Rules in Place.
  4. Gun Safety must be taught every day the gun is to be used. EVERY DAY! You have to do this because the Actors are concentrating on their Lines.

I used to be a Texas Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor and I wrote the Book-HANDGUN SAFETY. I realize how easily a fun event can turn Deadly. It can happen anytime.

But the Actual Firing of the Guns on the Range I ran, I highly respected the DANGER that was always ready to happen.

You practice over and OVER with the Student before the Range and PREACH RANGE AND FIREARM SAFETY. You have to.

I was fortunate not to have anyone have a Gun Accident. But I admit, I was Scared because you always had the Possibility of a Killer Among the Shooters Issue. A Lose Gun. Or a Careless Shooter or other Issue.

But you are only as good as your Safety Range Person or Persons on hand are.

But daily Safety Training must always take place. I firmly believe this.

This is not the Safe Way to hand anyone a Handgun


I’m hurt that there was a Killing on a Movie Set. I’m sure all on Set are experiencing Huge Pains like I felt when my daughter was Shot.

People are stupid. Corners are cut. People Die. Safety was not Enforced.

The Movie Set Killings?

It won’t be the Last.