DRAGOON WELLS MASSACRE-A very Good Old West Hollywood Movie

Talk about a really good Old West Hollywood Western, this one is it. It’s so very good. And the conditions in the Movie are harsh. Three very Bad, Bad Men and the Indians. And will the Indians Win? And killing Folks is all in this Movie. Lots of interesting Old West Drama is thrown at the Viewer and who’s gonna Win?

Buzzards will be flying in this Movie! So Pop some Popcorn and Enjoy!


Wagons converge in the middle of nowhere. One is carrying Army captain Matt Riordan, the only survivor of an ambush by Chief Yellow Claw and his Apache braves. Another is a prison wagon carrying accused killer Link Ferris and a second man, known as Tioga, to town for trial, escorted by Marshal Bill Haney.

A stagecoach turns up next, owned by Jonah McAdam and carrying Matt’s former sweetheart, Ann Bradley, with her new beau, wealthy Philip Scott, as well as Mara Fay, an entertainer. The passengers are warned that Yellow Claw is in the area. Link and Tioga have their shackles removed so they can assist the others when the Apaches attack.

Matt discovers that McAdam is smuggling weapons to the Indians illegally. At a relay station, a young girl is the only one left after the Apaches have burned it to the ground. Ann looks after her while Tioga sacrifices his life to save the child. Matt falls in love with Mara and joins forces with Link to defeat the raiders. For his help, Link is granted his freedom by Haney. As he rides away, Link is followed by Ann.



Parts of the film were shot in Kanab Canyon, Johnson Canyon, the Gap, and the Kanab movie fort in Utah.[2]

Dragoon Wells Massacre is a 1957 American CinemaScope DeLuxe Color Western film directed by Harold D. Schuster starring Barry SullivanDennis O’KeefeMona Freeman and Katy Jurado.[1] The supporting cast features Sebastian CabotJack Elam and Hank Worden.

Dragoon Wells Massacre
Theatrical release poster
Directed byHarold D. Schuster
Screenplay byWarren Douglas
Story byOliver Drake
Produced byLindsley Parsons
StarringBarry Sullivan
Dennis O’Keefe
Mona Freeman
Katy Jurado
Sebastian Cabot
Jack Elam
Hank Worden
CinematographyWilliam H. Clothier
Edited byMaurice Wright
Music byPaul Dunlap
Lindsley Parsons Productions
Distributed byAllied Artists Pictures
Release dateApril 28, 1957 (United States)
Running time88 minutes
CountryUnited States