Honorary Texas Governor Trump continues to Run Texas with the Mighty Crystal Ball?

Trump gives Texas GOP Governor another Order.

What Big Orders so far?

  1. Thou shall continue My WALL.
  2. Thou shall do a Voter Fraud Audit for me in Texas!
  3. Thou shall allow no Vaccine Mandates for Me in Texas!
  4. Thou shall NOT Vote in 2022 or 2024 unless You put me back in the Whitehouse ASAP! I prefer Today!

Yes, Sir! I’ll do it immediately! Anything Else Oh Great Wise and Rich One? Anything else, oh Mighty one, Sir?

Hmm…let me check my Crystal Ball…Nope, that’s it for now Greg. Remember Greg, I remember those Loyal to me. I’m thinking of making you my Ambassador to Afghanistan when you put me back in the Whitehouse.

Thank you, Sir…