The 45th’s “Revenge and Vengeance Tour 2021” is Destroying America

Damn Straight it is…but the below article with Video is a Double Down on Fanning the Flames of War? His Election Lies have to End. But every time he says them, his Cash Register keeps racking up more Donor Donations. It’s a crooked scheme of money grabbing…yes, it is

That report showed Clark proposing that the DOJ send letters to Georgia and other swing states Biden won, urging them to consider replacing their slates of presidential electors on the basis of “sworn evidence of election irregularities.”

That draft letter suggested that the legislatures of those states convene in special sessions to “take whatever action is necessary” if the “election failed to make a proper and valid choice,” according to the Senate report.

Proof of a COUP ATTEMPT? All of this is unacceptable. The 45th’s “Revenge and Vengeance Tour 2021” is Destroying America and why Millions are quitting their Jobs! You cannot have a 45th LOSE CANNON running around making Lie after Lie and expect Americans NOT to throw in the Towel. His Tour is Killing America!