PEDOPHILE ISLAND-Underage Girls being brought in as late as 2019!

PEDOPHILE ISLAND and who were the Big Names that visited it? Take for instance, did the 45th visit Pedophile Island? Were Underaged Girls being Sex-Trafficked at Mar-a-Lago? Read the following damning Articles-

Truths and the King of Denials!

Why aren’t the Pilots of Epstein Plane testifying? They had to know what was going on in the Plane.

Thousands of documents were unsealed Friday as part of a case involving Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre, who sued Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell for defamation.

Flight Log of Epstein’s Jet

“When you get inside the aircraft, it’s a playground,” McCloskey said. “Everything lays out to be a bed. That was kind of creepy.

“You get on Epstein’s airplane, and it’s… 


Epstein pleaded guilty to two charges: solicitation of prostitution and soliciting a minor for prostitution. He served 13 months in a county jail and paid financial settlements to many of the roughly 40 women the FBI deemed to be his victims, including Giuffre.

…contends that the depravity began at a Florida resort now known as the winter White House: Mar-a-Lago.

Giuffre, formerly Roberts, claims she was 15 and working as a towel girl at Trump’s posh Palm Beach club when she was recruited nearly two decades ago into sexual slavery by socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, then Epstein’s girlfriend.,_U.S._Virgin_Islands

Little Saint James is a small private island in the United States Virgin Islands,[1] located southeast of neighboring Great Saint James, both off the southern coast of the larger St. Thomas island,[2][3] and belongs to the subdistrict East End, Saint Thomas. The 70–78 acres (28–32 ha) island was owned by American convicted child sex offender Jeffrey Epstein from 1998 until his 2019 death.[1][4] During Epstein’s ownership, the island acquired local nicknames such as “Island of Sin” and “Pedophile Island,” as it was alleged that sexual abuse of minors occurred there.

A view of Little Saint James
Little Saint JamesLittle Saint JamesLocation in the CaribbeanShow map of the U.S. Virgin IslandsShow map of CaribbeanShow all
LocationCaribbean Sea
Coordinates18°18′0″N 64°49′30″W
 United States
Area covered0.28–0.32 km2 (0.11–0.12 sq mi)

Little Saint James is the smaller of the two islands in the south-east of nr. 2 of Saint Thomas

Sex Slave Island?

Everyone was taking Bribes!

According to a former employee, Victoria’s Secret models were among the guests he saw there, and Les Wexner visited the island at least once.[8] According to flight logs, Prince Andrew, Duke of York paid at least one visit aboard Epstein’s private jet to the island, although former staff claimed he visited Little St. James several times.[14]

In March 2006, before Epstein was charged with unlawful sexual activity with a minor, Stephen Hawking visited the island with a group of particle physicistscosmologists and theorists, including three Nobel laureates and experts on gravitydark matter and string theory.[15][16] All had been invited to attend a conference funded by Epstein.[15] A March 2006 photograph on Little St. James shows Hawking, David Gross and Lisa Randall at a barbecue during the conference.[16][11] Other visitors have included Gerard ‘t HooftFrank WilczekLawrence Krauss and Martin Nowak.[11] Krauss said most of the conference took place on the neighbouring island of St. Thomas, but Epstein had thrown a party on Little St. James.[15]

Bill Clinton is widely reported to have visited Little St. James.[17] According to The Independent, Clinton flew on Epstein’s private jet to Little St. James[18] on multiple occasions between 2002 and 2005.[19] According to Newsweek, Bill Clinton had been to Little St. James as part of Epstein’s circle.[11] Virginia Roberts, later known as Virginia Giuffre, claims in a lawsuit that while working at Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort[20] she was lured into a sex-trafficking ring run by Epstein and while traveling with Epstein she saw Clinton on the island.[21] In a 2011 conversation with her lawyers, Roberts claimed Clinton traveled to Epstein’s retreat on Little St. James in 2002.[22] A Freedom of Information Act request for Secret Service records of visits Clinton may have made to Little St. James produced no such evidence.[21] According to Epstein’s flight logs, Clinton never flew near the U.S. Virgin Islands.[22] In July 2019, a Clinton spokesperson issued a statement saying Clinton never visited the island.[6][23]

According to People magazine, David Copperfield proposed to Claudia Schiffer on Little St. James, three months after meeting her in 1993.[24]

According to The Independent, “Epstein’s island developed a reputation for depravity, and it is alleged that underage girls were made to take part in orgies on Little St. James.”[16] It has acquired such nicknames as “Island of Sin”,[16][11][14] “Pedophile Island”,[25][7] and “Orgy Island”.[25][7]

According to attorneys for Epstein’s alleged victims, Little St. James is where many of the crimes against minors were committed by Epstein and friends who traveled there with him.[17] Court documents allege that the then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts was forced by Epstein to have sex with Prince Andrew on several occasions, including as part of an orgy on Little St. James.[14][18] Buckingham Palace has denied this allegation.[15][26] A lawyer for Epstein has described the allegations of orgies by Roberts as “old and discredited”.[14]

According to locals, Epstein continued to bring underage girls to the island in 2019, after he was registered as a sex offender.[27] In August 2019, following Epstein’s deathFBI agents searched his residence on Little St. James.[28][29]