AMERICA’s Anger, Anxiety, and Depression is Winning! Trump is Winning in His Destruction of America!

America is at one of the lowest points in its existence

there is a horrible upheaval of man grinding against man

American grinding against American

it is horrible

it is so sad with the wheels so stuck on anger anxiety and depression

we are lost

we are being sucked into the void

people say they have have answers and they have none not real answers pulling s*** out their ass

people are gobbling gobbling up America’s being reborn by GOP governors who are constantly attacking President Biden at every point in his term his term in office

this is a nightmare

this is something out of a horror script

this is so unbelievable uncharacteristic of Americans for acting like children following the hypnotic Troll Music and troll newscast

following troll media broadcast as we too are becoming trolls

our children are becoming trolls

there is no love left

people wake up and hear their daily troll music

if we do not make these people attacking our very principles, we will lose this country

we will watch it go down in flames and all of this is being coordinated by President Donald Trump constant Anti-American Bullshit

used to be such a wonderful place but it’s not anymore

it’s becoming a place where less and less people are willing to work

they giving up because of politicians entering false Data into their mind

Telling them Haitian Workers are here to take their Jobs away.

It is horrible horrible thoughts

I’m not working but not wanting to work they are why can people not care anymore

politicians are destroying America

they are killing America

these people think oh it’s okay it’s okay

no it’s not okay it’s not okay

it’s a serious undertaking when people quit their jobs

they don’t do it just by chance they finally give up they look around and everything I see is nothing but negativism nothing but negative negative negative negative negativity

all of it is negativity why work when everything is so negative and it just never ends its everyday more and more and more negative news negative broadcast negative trolls negative trouble juice

it’s a horrible situation needs resolution and resolution is not being offered by the g o p

horrible horrible consequences are going to be caused by the g o p horrible horrible days ahead are being created right now by the gop

the GOP is destroying America the gop is destroying America the GOP is destroying America

this is got to stop this is got to stop this has got to stop we cannot continue this way where senators in Congress yes Congress is responsible for our debt they are the ones who created our debt do when they act like little children fighting over a we ain’t going to pay it for it like a bunch of little kids at a playground and they’re arguing over who gets his swing on the swing set

next it is sad it is sickening and it’s just sickening it’s it’s time that these Senators move on get out of the way and let other people get in who can make a difference who can get America going right

if you’re not going to help get the hell out of the way

you cannot continue to be all bullfrog and not help you can’t do it as you are destroying America

crushing America when you say always always it’s his fault always finding fault no it’s not

It is what’s Trump’s g o p and Trump is doing everything he can to destroy America while he’s tries to destroy Biden and the Democrats

it’s all Trump and his orders Trump ordering

this Trump ordering telling his Governors what to do this and that and not to do that telling his Senators to do this and not to do that

Trump is destroying America

Trump is destroying America’s people

while you attack President Biden and Democrats

you obviously are oblivious to the face that you are destroying all of America in your Vengeful War as well

we got to collect Trump and get him get out of the way

I don’t want to hear another thing about Trump

I wish to God they would quit putting anything about Trump in the news at all

we don’t need to hear anything about Trump and his Rallies and all the bulshit he sells that it’s unbelievable the bulshit he says is unbelievable shitball shitball shitball shitball after shitball

he spews shitballs

why in the world

what is wrong with this man

he’s throwing shitballs and everybody all the time specially if you’re a Democrat and he’s getting people all over America to do stupid things like leave their jobs.

Trump has asked and they left their Jobs

he’s causing all the job issues right now it is Trump Trump TRUMP who is destroying this country with his negatives memes

with his negative everything negative negative negative

all he wants is it keeps doing everything he does with spreading pus out of his cheeks are filled with pus and he keeps puking pus all over everybody

and they keep believing believing it keep believing it and it’s got to stop

and we must start to stop

it’s time to get rid of trump you got to quit doing it you idiot you

you are so stupid you are such a child idiot

you are not God’s Divine One as you say you are

doing this with you something is wrong with you

man you have got a screw loose in your head you are Savage sick Savage

sit out a month you need to go into an institution for sick people yes you need to go into an institution for sick people

get off get off the gas

get off the gas

Trump get your knee off our necks

get your knee off my neck

get your knee off my neck

get your knee off our necks

get your knee off my neck

get your knee off our necks

get your knee off my neck

let us up let us breathe

let us up let us breathe

let us up let us breathe

go on a world vacation

go see how the real world sees you

go visit the families of all your drone attacks

start in Iran

leave President Biden alone

get your knee off his neck

get your knee off gop governors and senators necks

get on your knees and beg for God’s Forgiveness

for His Mercy

for your revenge vengeance campaign

you are worse than Bo weevils in a cotton field