What to do if Your SENIOR PARTNER gives your a STI or STD?

SENIORS ARE NOT IMMUNE TO Getting SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED Diseases AND INFECTIONS! But when your SENIOR SEX BUDDY or Babe gives you one. What do you Do? You’re 75 and your Partner is 82, who tells who? Healthy Seniors enjoy Sex 4-7 times each week. Sometimes three times a day.



You gonna tell him or just let his Dick rot off?

Or does a green pus stain on the sheets mean anything?

Being Honest helps. Especially if you want to see them again? Well, do you?

Not all STDs have symptoms, but when they occur in people with a penis, they can include:

  • pain or burning during urination.
  • a need to urinate more frequently.
  • pain during ejaculation.
  • abnormal discharge from the penis, particularly colored or foul-smelling discharge.
  • bumps, blisters, or sores on the penis or genitals.

Early Signs Among Women

  • Vaginal discharge. …
  • Itching of the vulva or vagina.
  • Vaginal blisters/blisters on the vulva (the external genitals)
  • Rash on the vulva/vagina.
  • Burning sensation during urination.
  • Pain upon urination.
  • Painful intercourse.
  • Sore throat (after oral sex)