COUP and COUP ATTEMPTS take place all the Time!

  1. Many deny a COUP ATTEMPT TOOK PLACE IN AMERICA recently in last 12 months.
  2. Many deny a COUP is planned for ’24-’25.

But what Happens after a Successful COUP?

  1. WON’T BE Business as Usual.
  2. Interest Rates will Skyrocket! And quickly be a Joke as Money will be.
  3. Government will Shut down as Money will be Halted. Oh yes it will!
  4. A New Government will Take Months to put in Place. America’s present Government would be totally rewritten. The New people In-Charge won’t give a Damn about You! Your Yelling and Shouting for someone won’t mean a thing after the COUP!
  5. Your Constitution will be Shredded! Government Buildings will be burned down.
  6. Your Statues will be Torn Down.
  7. Banks will be Looted. I’m talking the Vaults will be Emptied! All Vault Boxes will be Emptied.
  8. THE RICH will not be Hurt because they have already diversified their Monies into Bitcoin and Gold and other World Currencies not dependent on the U.S. Dollar. They will leave in Lear Jets while the killings take place. No. They will be gone when Rioters come to burn down their Homes. The Joke will be on those that they faked-out.
  9. Grocery Stores will Close.
  10. Your Military will be Stuck wherever they are when the Successful COUP takes place. Won’t be no transportation back home. Your Money will be worthless!
  11. It will take Months to Years for any Countries to recognize Your New Government. Your Country was suppose to be the MOST STABLE and now, they are SHOCKED!
  12. Those who loaned you Money will be Wanting all of theirs BACK IMMEDIATELY!
  13. Open RIOTS and Building and Home Burnings will run Rampant. RICH homes will be burned first and neighborhoods will pit neighbor against neighbor.
  14. Electricity will go off for Weeks. And be spotty when turned back on.
  15. Old People will die in Massive Amounts as they will not be able to get Medications.
  16. Hospitals will CLOSE!
  17. POLICE will out of a Job.
  18. National Guard will be Attacked.
  19. States will be at War with each other. States will try making their own Money.
  20. Refineries will Close.
  21. Gasoline will be unavailable.
  22. Natural Gas and LP Gas will be unavailable.
  23. Water will be in short Supply.
  24. Public Hangings of Politicians will take place on a failed COUP and a Successful one too. Then they will work down to you too.
  25. Soon, your greatest FEARS will be realized.
  26. TV and RADIO will be down. Newspapers will run for a minute and then they too will Close. People will have to go to Public Meetings for News. Shortwave Radios will get the News.

People wanting and encouraging Revolutionary Talk are dangerous to a Nation. Divisive Talk is Dangerous to a Nation. A COUP ATTEMPT is only Practice for a Real One. But what is amazing is that so few are willing to look at the whole Picture.

A Peaceful COUP will never take place in America.

I’m Our Future, Once Americans realize one is actually taking place, Most Veterans will begin to Violently Take out those who Conducted the COUP. VETERANS are not going to sit back and allow their Country to be taken down by those Non-Believers in the U.S. Constitution. Trying to USE the Constitution by rewording it thru pretty Rhetoric in any COUP is not going to work.

Like Hawg Dawgs smelling Blood, Veterans will root out and HANG the ones who Conducted the COUP. Hang them by Poles throughout the Country. State by State if necessary. There are Real Veterans and there are Fake Ones who never served in the military at all. Yet claiming one false thing after another. And yet millions listen to these Non-Veterans. Stop Now! Listen to real Veterans.

You wanted to talk about a real Coup didn’t you? You thought it was going to be done peacefully by Politicians didn’t you? But oh hell No to it being any kind of Peaceful Event. People will ATTACK you and if you are on the Wrong side, you could lose your Life. Planning and Talking part in a real COUP is Extremely DANGEROUS! Prison Time will await you. And they are super Violent!

January 6 and all things surrounding it may one day prove to be a COUP ATTEMPT. Okay, so be it if it BE so. But a real COUP in the Future will be met with Furious Vengeance. I believe it would be BLOODY! VERY VIOLENT! But has a Hollywood Showman with little understanding of what His Words and Acts have on the Status Quo on all who believe him to be true on all things. Well, it could have a blundering, irreversibly destructive Activity that is COMMUNISM at its very Center. It is Stalinism at the least. And who cares if the man read Mein Kampf

CFirst Copies sold for $6000£ And only the Rich bought them.

six times in College where he reportedly made C’s and D’s and F’s on his College Transcript. But who cares? I had C’s and D’s too. But I don’t try to ask you to do any illegal activities. Do I? But should you Care? Well, maybe people need to start Caring…maybe you need to look into the Facts.

If the True Past Events were a COUP Attempt this past election, and we must be willing to consider the possibility. Don’t we? Regardless of Party. As an AMERICAN, we must be willing to say it might have been. It could have been? Or something sure didn’t seem right? Right? We can’t stay completely closed minded about anything today. Too much bad information abounds. We must see all the Facts. Not Lies and such.

But are YOU willing to ALLOW a real COUP to take place if done by Hook or Crook? Done by Political Manipulations? If you say Yes, them I’m afraid you won’t be aligned with most of the rest of the Country. Not at all. And the Rest of the Story I’ve already outlined for you above in the event of a terribly destructive and Real COUP.

It would be a Furious Violent Event!

Millions would DIE in the First Three Weeks. And the Politicians would be Hanged! But hopefully you say Imprisoned. Are you Mad? There is No ACCOUNTABILITY now for them and the main Reason that these Politicians are believing that they can Conduct a COUP and get Away with it. And yes, it does appear that they are planning something. But it will be Directed by one Person if it does happen. And if it does, will your APPROVAL RATING of that individual remain the same?

I think not. I cannot see any True-Blooded American standing up for a True COUP here. I can’t see it. But can you? If you do, then please show all of 🇺🇸 Your PROOF for such a dastardly Deed. Show us or shut up. Quit encouraging a real COUP!

But I do not believe a Successful One to be true. What if it is being planned thru State Participants? I do not wish to see any State’s Votes suddenly decided to be changed by unconsciousable means at the State Level while nullifying the Votes of Millions? Will this keep people Happy? No. It will most likely send them mad like storming Army Ants into the streets looking for Their Prey? And I sure wouldn’t want to be them.

Just last week, I received a Survey asking me if I would use a Weapon to Stop a Coup. It said it was being sent to all Veterans. Now, who does that? Why? How did it know I was a Veteran? Or get my address? Is there a reason for this? I wonder. Don’t you?

But if I am afraid to write about the possibilities I see and I read, then I am afraid. But even afraid, would I not do a disservice to my kids, my grandkids, my family, and future generations for remaining QUIET while there may be time to STOP a COUP from taking Place? Am I dammed? You may think so but aren’t you more Dammed for wanting a COUP?

Please, do not encourage a COUP in America. And if you know of anyone who is planning one, Planning this or any Terrorist Attack, then Please REPORT THEM to the FBI! Freedom is Not Free! It takes courageous individuals to keep 🇺🇸 FREE!