Afghanistan’s Cave of unimaginable Wealth!

High in the Mountains of Afghanistan there’s now a hidden Cave with fabulous Treasures in it. It’s the type of Treasures that only Kings have. But yes, high up in the Mountains, there is a pile of American Money, Russian and Chinese Gold, and Rare Gems that only Royalty would crave-in to obtain. A Dream? A tale? No, the Cave apparently exists and the Value of its contents is beyond possibly $10 Billion to over a Trillion Dollars. The Gold may be over another $100 Billion Dollars. The Gold Vein maybe a $Trillion. The Cash-over a Billion.

But where did I read about this? I didn’t read about it. I was Told by an Ex-Special Operations Green Beret about it. And why was I told? You know what? I think he did that to burden me with the Curse of Knowing. Of Knowing what he knew and then to Curse another with that Knowledge too. Or to share his pain of Knowing and not being able to do anything about it.

But let me tell you the Story and then I’ll tell you about the night I was told it too. Then, in the End, you’ll be sharing in The Curse too. But only if Lust for Gold is a Curse.

For Many, many years, a Chieftain or Leader or Warlord of a Tribe or Village lived in one of the many Strongholds in Afghanistan. The size was very large. How large I really couldn’t say having not ever been there myself. I can’t say I’ve ever met anyone from Afghanistan ever before. But this man was quite important and someone who commanded great Respect. A Member of the Taliban? No, it wouldn’t be in line with all that I’ve learned about them. But a Resistance Fighter? Sure. I think he must have been that. And a Respected one. And he had to have been a good negotiator. But is he Dead now or Alive? I’m thinking Dead. But I was told otherwise as I will tell you later in the Story.

Trading with the Chinese for Opium Tar carried into the Mountains in Soviet Military Spent Ammo Cans, the Leader, let’s just call him Leader, would send Opium Crop after Crop. And he’d get paid in Chinese Gold and he took in lots of Soviet Gold for many things.

And he took or received lots And lots of American Paper money too. Bricks of Cash he’d get.

But for what? Troop Security and Safety. By taking payment, he controlled his People from attacking the American Soldiers and Convoys and maybe Our Allies as well. But he said that the Leader was paid in Bricks and Bricks of $100 Dollar Bills. And some of the money he used to pay his People to use. He also used it to buy goods and food. But when the money like grew too big, the Leader would take a two to four day trip high up into the Mountains.

It also lists a number of warlords who control stretches of road in Afghanistan: Ruhullah, who like many Afghans goes by one name, has a reputation for dealing ruthlessly with the villages along the highways he controls; Matiulllah Khan, whose 2,000-man militia controls the road between Kandahar and Tirinkot; and Abdul Razziq, the commander of the border police in Spin Boldak, one of the principal trucking routes into the country.

Mr. Ruhullah commands a force of about 600 gunmen that works for Watan Risk Management, a security firm overseen by Rashid and Rateb Popal, who are cousins of President Hamid Karzai. In an interview last month, Rashid Popal denied that his company had paid any money to Taliban insurgents.

The report said Watan Risk Management and Mr. Ruhullah have been paid “several tens of millions of dollars” to escort NATO convoys.

“Long after the United States leaves Afghanistan, and the convoy security business shuts down, these warlords will likely continue to play a major role as autonomous centers of political, economic and military power,” the report said.


And at night, on the side of a mountain, the Leader would move this one single Rock and then slither into a hole and slither for another 75-100 yards. There, the slithering stopped and a large long room the size of several large houses long or one that a modern Locomotive engine times three long could be put into. About three or Train Coal Car Lengths. Or several Long Fuel 18-wheeler Truck lengths. The type you see at Gas Stations in America at Gas Stations.

But inside was a pile of American Money that was long and wide and it was plastic wrapped. And the size was measured and then calculated to be around $1.5 Billion Dollars. And to think of such a huge amount of money is unfathomable in my mind. How about you? You know, I’ve seen such piles in pics and attributed to Mexican Cartels.

But it’s not my Story and I tried to be my best not to say Liar, Liar, pants on Fire. To the man telling me the tale.

In the Cave were Basket after Basket of all forms of Gold Coins and small To larger blocks of Gold. Solid Gold. But a lot of the Gold was old, very old. But there was new Gold too from sources around the World. How much? Maybe another $ Billion. And other Baskets with Rare Gems. Lots and lots of Gems of all sizes and shapes and colors.

But I’ve never bought gemstones and such and I’m not sure of their Values. But the most amazing part was what was above in the Cave for the Viewer. Up above across the Ceiling was a Vein of Pure Gold that was a full one foot thick at its widest point. And with the mountain going up almost another Mike Mike high, if the Vein ran that high as well and remained that thick, I’m guessing possibly a $Trillion dollars worth of Gold? I just don’t know. It’s hard to vision or grasp such a sight. Or register a monetary Value? I just don’t have a Clue. I don’t know how to calculate such a vien of gold and it’s value. Do you? Go figure. Huh?

But in the Cover of night, the Leader would come to the side of the mountain, move the rock, deposit his loot, and come back out and put the rock back in place again and then leave. And his Secret was Secret.

But then on one Special Operations night, a certain Green Beret was watching the whole thing unfold before his eyes while he used night vision goggles. HIS MISSION: To follow the Leader and see who he was trading Information WITH. But there was no Trading of Information. And after the Leader Left. The Green Beret went to the spot where the Leader DISAPPEARED. And into the Cave the Green Beret went. And he moved the rock, then with night vision goggles and pistol in hand, the Soldier, America’s Best, went slithering into the Hole. And he had an explosive charge to Destroy any stash of weapons found. Or I’m guessing he could have called in an Air Strike if he thought necessary.

But dang, what an amazing feeling he must have felt as he finally got to where he could STAND-UP. What an amazing overwhelming giddy feeling he must have thought. And felt as he walked among that tremendous amount of Treasures. And he said he stayed there for three hours taking measurements and some pics. And he said he wanted to grab some loot, but he said he knew of others who had gotten busted trying to sneak out Gold and Bricks of Cash back home. And he didn’t want to Risk a Prison Term. But his mind had to have been tormented to know that Cave of Untold Wealth was just there for the taking. And he Reported back that the Leader was Meeting with Others high in the Mountains and had to be Watched. (So he was capable of lying) And the Green Beret was given the Job to follow the Leader around. Especially when he went into the Mountains.

And in three months, the Leader made sixteen Trips to the Cave. But the Word came out that the Americans were leaving and actually negotiating with the Taliban getting ready to Leave. So, on that last night to follow and Watch the Leader go to the Cave, it was the last Trip. The last time the Leader went into the Cave. Last trip to the CAVE.

And when the Leader Left the Cave, the Leader climbed up about a thousand feet above the Cave. There, the Leader set-off explosives and a wall of rocks came down on the Cave Entrance. The Green Beret estimated about a ton of medium sized rock now lay upon the entrance to the Cave. Rocks he said a three-man team could move in a night easily.

And he put together such a crazy plan teasily.together in his mind as he became Mad with Lust for the Gold. But then, they yanked his Unit and him out. He had hatched a plan and then was yanked out of Afghanistan. His chance Gone. Today. It would be super dangerous I imagine for an American caught there now.

And the Cave still remains there to possibly be untouched for another thousand years.

But I didn’t want to say anything crazy to the man who was quite colorful As he told me this unbelievable Tale of Gold. Fun to listen to as we sat and drank at the Sports Bar where he and I watched an Aggie Football Game on the Big TV with about 100 other Aggie Fans. And then he drew on a napkin. And he swore this structure he drew was real and even wrote the Map Coordinates to the actual Cave ‘s Location on a napkin and gave them both to me. I rewrote them onto a file page and stuck it into a Recipe Box under “L” for LIARS. I laughed as I did. Just a little. But it was an amusing tale to me and he was a good talker.

But the Green Beret committed Suicide two days later and I saw it in the paper and recognized his picture. So, I went to the funeral a week later at the Veteran’s Graveyard outside of Killeen, Texas. There, I talked to his friends who were still in the Military and they told me that this man was the real deal. A Man’s Man. A True Warrior. And I asked if he ever liked to pull your Leg at times. And they said HELL NO SIR! He was the finest. Above reproach in any Subject. And he had gotten three Medals including a Purple Heart.

I wanted to ask about the Cave, but I thought it was just as well off if I didn’t say a word. So, I didn’t. Just better not to say a word. But then also Because they might also ask me then if I had the Map Coordinates. On the onset if they were told and believed The Cave true too.

Now. Does the Cave of Untold Wealth still exist on the side of that Mountain? Near which Stronghold? Did it ever exist? Or was this the real reason the man took his own life. Knowing what he saw and lusting for it had to be a tremendous Burden. But not for me. I never saw the insides of the Cave. It had to be a maddening knowledge of such a Cave. And if it were found today, it would NOT go to the people of Afghanistan. It’d just go to the Taliban. So, there’s no reason to give it much thought except that it’s another good story. Maybe just good Bull.

We’ll never know…but he had learned the Leader had left Afghanistan from a friend who called him from Afghanistan, he said the Leader feared being killed by The Taliban, and that the Leader had taken his daughters with him and who were the ones who’d gotten had them out? Or were they Refugees?

But how many Bricks of Money or Gold did he have with him? Maybe enough for a comfortable life somewhere on Earth. Some places where his daughters could bloom into the fullness of life as women should and not treated as Wild Pigs of mere Breeding Stock. You know, I just don’t know.