Will America ASK Mexico for Permissions to go after the Cartels this Friday?

This Friday! A High Level Meeting will be taking place between America and Mexico! Will America finally ASK Mexico for permissions to Takeout CARTELS using Over the Horizon Drone Attacks. And then Troops if necessary?


  1. Cartels are Smuggling Migrants for Cash.
  2. Cartels attempted to get FAKE Prescription Drugs into America laced with Fentanyl that could have KILLED 700,000 Americans.
  3. The Billion Dollar illegal Drug Industry has to be Crippled.
  4. The Migrant Issue must be Addressed!
  5. Mexico is afraid, Scared of the CARTELS and need America’s Help. Drone Attacks on Cartels must begin IMMEDIATELY!
  6. American Troops must be Deployed into Mexico to disrupt the Excessive Control these Cartels gave on Mexico. Alongside Mexican Troops, the CARTELS can be Destroyed.