Have Cell Phones Ruined 🇺🇸?

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They’ve ruined our Society? Yes, they have and unless a Law were to be PASSED that made Cell Phones Illegal, which will never happen, Our Society is DOOMED! Unless we take Corrective Action now and not tomorrow.

What’s gonna be Lost, if not already Lost-

  1. Empathy has been throw right out the Door.
  2. Sympathy can’t even get out of the Dugout.
  3. Sharing Hate and Anger has never reached such Heights.
  4. Hate and Anger Content Algorithms have corrupted millions of minds now possibly beyond Repair.
  5. Cell Phones have forced Americans to Hate each Other.
  6. Politicians have learned to USE Hate and Anger Content like Never Before.
  7. Cell Phones have taught us Not to Trust anyone.
  8. People have learned how to Mess with YOU. How to Destroy YOU. By a single or coordinated Attacks with others.

The Society I grew-up in ain’t nothing like this one I’m living in now. Our method of communication used to be was ‘face to face’ with actual words coming out of Our mouths. Now, teens can TEXT at over 200 words a minute and share a thousand TEXTS per hour. And yet they stumble in real conversations because they are attempting to Text-Talk to you.

When Cell Phones weren’t a Person’s Life

People are now not the same as they were four years ago. Hate and Anger Content Algorithms bombarding the Cell Phone User Today is having an Angering Affect on Everyone. Feeling Angry about the small things. Making big things out of Little Things. I can produce example after example and all you have to do is Watch the News and see how Much Hate and Anger Content that they Use. People are now addicted to it. They cannot exist now without it. They embrace Hate and Anger. But twenty years ago, we weren’t like that except for 911. No, the daily News wasn’t a Gate and Anger Content Game. But it is now. People are swayed by Hate and Anger Content. And they seek News that will fill their Empty Tanks back to FULL with Gate and Anger Content.

People cannot get enough Hate and Anger Content. And it’s getting WORSE! CIVIL WAR WORSE! But this Anger and Hate can no longer be put off. The flames are now too high. And the only ones not affected are those not watching the News and only have Cell Phones with just TEXT Screens and not Screens that show Visual Images.

Just Add Hate and Anger Content to an individual or Group or whatever and you can get them CANCELLED. These Cancellers are just an extension of all of this Anger and Hatred now building up inside of everyone. You might quickly say that there is No Way. But Denial is part of it. But please, try to prove me Wrong.

You can’t.

But is there the slightest chance we can reverse Our Hate and Anger? Yes, I believe there is. 🇺🇸 must recognize the Bad all of this Hate and Anger Content is damaging all of 🇺🇸. We must create a Daily NO-PHONE TIME every day. But can you live without your Cell Phone for four Hours? Every day?

I bet Not.


“People are addicted to rage and they’re using that rage to try to silence others or blame others and it’s ripping this country apart,” he said. “The media can play a very important role in trying to create a dialogue, and that’s all the media, the diversity of media that we have, and Congress can help in that sense.” 

And the above is exactly what I am trying to talk about. Rage. Addictive Rage! And it is getting much worse because they are fine-tuning it right to each Viewer. Your Cell Phone is adding Algorithmic Posts that the Big Guru Computers have determined on HOW TO GET A REACTION from you. And they hit you, bombard you with Hate and Anger CONTENT.

Everyone is searching for the causes of this Rising Political Rage among Voters. For millions, their Rage is reaching dangerous Levels. But while one says it is this, another will say it is that. But I believe we are being tricked into Anger and Hate and finally Rage. And I now know that everyone is reporting things that Anger you. And that Anger is why you keep returning for More. Doesn’t matter if it is True. You’re so full of Hate, you’ll buy into anything.

But our Cell Phones have helped 🇺🇸 get to this National State of Unhealthy Rage. And what are People looking at? The Internet. News Feeds. Social Media Platforms.

Im not mad about anything. Sure I get Upset, but more just disappointed at times. But what Calms me? I have two grown female German Shepherds that take turns throughout the day laying on my Lap. It’s a Strong Emotional Bond. And it is a Calming one. I can sense their needs and I believe they can sense mine. People who had Pets but have none now are more Upset than ever before. They are sad people and don’t even realize it. They get Mad quicker than ever before.

THERE ARE NO INTERNET RULES! But there are things you can do that will put you in Prison.


A Panther’s Father https://www.google.com/search?kgmid=/g/11f5lybsy9&hl=en-US&q=A+Panther’s+Father&kgs=b05268618e8527ce&shndl=0&source=sh/x/kp/osrp/2&entrypoint=sh/x/kp/osrp 

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So, I’ll leave you with Enough Said. Get the Ebook and try to Re-Calm yourself.

It takes one person at a time to realize that PEOPLE are not acting normally and it can be attributed to actual things that are being placed in Our Minds. We must start reclaiming Ourselves now.