Has FACEBOOK made the World an Angrier Place? Algorithms of Hate and Anger for Viewer Views?

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Can you still think? I mean it. Can you still think? If so, after you read this Blog, I want you to THINK. Or just check it out now.

https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/facebook-whatsapp-instagram-suffer-worldwide-outage/ar-AAP7Pzn A Worldwide Outage has Hit Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The thing damaging Teenage Girls on Instagram is Shocking!

  1. THINK about when you were NOT angry about Politics. How long ago was that?
  2. What got you Angry? But did you get there all by yourself? I bet not. I now know how all of 🇺🇸 was BETRAYED! Hate and Anger CONTENT Algorithms did it to all of 🇺🇸. Yes, it did. They did it to all of us. But this
  3. Do you own a Cell Phone? If so, when you picked up your phone, what NOTICES were awaiting for you to read? What were you encouraged to READ? What Notices are sent to you each day? Throughout the day?
  4. Were you shown things to Look at that were Hate or Anger CONTENT Related? I bet they were.

Anger and Hate Content being thrust into your Minds is why the World has become so Angry! It’s the New Game and it is Working. Just this morning, I got six Notices on my phone and Five of them are about Hate and Anger Content. One is about a nice story about a Doctor.

But what got me started on this Hate and Anger CONTENT Issue?

It’s What this Lady said last night on 60-Minutes and she is CORRECT!

Her Whistleblower Story was the most Shocking and disturbing Story revealed on 60-Minutes that I have heard in a very long time. It explains many things of How sweet people were turned into Angry Words spewing fools and How Democrats and Republicans were pitted against each other. Facebook Knowing that Using Algorithms that share Disturbing Anger and Hate Content is what the Repeat Viewers are Needing the Most. Or they don’t come back. They won’t come back. It’s what brings them back. And why everyone’s Phones are Blowing up with Pop-Ups laced with Hate and Anger. Everyone is being Hit with the Anger. With the Hate. This EXPLAINS how many Americans were turned into hate mongers who never were before. It’s difficult being around them because they can only promote the Hatred and Anger that they are seeing. Families are being destroyed by this. Politicians are using this to the MAX. And you thought they’d gone Insane. No, they are mesmerizing your brain. Your starving brain seeking ONLY Hate and Anger Content. An Angry Mind needs to be fed.

And that the Political Machines are using this Knowledge could be the very Reason Democrats and Republicans Have been led down the wrong path of Anger and Hate towards each other. Until I saw her Report, I didn’t know this.

You know, I wondered why PEOPLE could easily talk Politics in the past. Talking Politics wasn’t a Big Deal. But NOT now. And I’ve tried to put my finger on it. I used to think it was subliminal messaging while watching off-character News. Before Trump, few were getting upset. But now, the reason was presented Sunday Night and going to be Testifying before Congress this Week! Thus Lady is like a Joan of Arc. Today, because of Hate and Anger CONTENT being fed to EVERYONE, talking Politics is IMPOSSIBLE with the other side TODAY because too much Hate and Anger Content has been planted into our minds. They get Angry now! Pissed-Off Angry!


Haugen stated that some of Facebook’s own research found that “angry content” is more likely to receive engagement, something that content producers and political parties are aware of.

“One of the most shocking pieces of information that I brought out of Facebook that I think is essential to this disclosure is political parties have been quoted, in Facebook’s own research, saying, we know you changed how you pick out the content that goes in the home feed,” said Haugen.

“And now if we don’t publish angry, hateful, polarizing, divisive content, crickets. We don’t get anything. And we don’t like this. We know our constituents don’t like this. But if we don’t do these stories, we don’t get distributed. And so it used to be that we did very little of it, and now we have to do a lot of it, because we have jobs to do. And if we don’t get traffic and engagement, we’ll lose our jobs.”

So, like I said earlier. Do you Think? Can you Think? But more importantly, how do we undo this Hate and Anger Content that has been placed in our minds? It’s there. I know. You are already going to your I DON’T BELIEVE IT to escape the Issue altogether. But if you can think, you might be one of Millions who need to be Apologizing to Others.

I don’t know how many I see can reverse this New Trend. But something needs to be done. I’m thinking Facebook and Instagram and any Social Media Giant needs to PAY for their Sins! Show us the Money! They planted seeds of Dissention and Hate and Anger. And fortified them until it changed you!