Trump Sreaming to Get his Beloved Twitter Account Back and What New Mess would he do next?

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Have you ever seen anyone, I’m talking anyone, in AMERICA that has to go to the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court like this one Man does? I’m confused about why he cannot accept his Banishment? It’s what happens when you BREAK THE RULES. Do you Agree? Didn’t you think He got what he deserved? Or did you want January 6 developing into Civil War by this one man’s Supportive Tweets? Haven’t you enjoyed Him out of the Limelight except where he is constantly attacking President Biden? And claims he WON is such an incredible LIE! Which Ex-President ever did any of this till him? None of them.

Writing what he writes at times was purely so Horrible to read and caused Violence to take place more than once. People were getting hurt and people were being put in Danger. His Actions were unbecoming of an American President.

He needs to Stay BANNED! It’s just so much like Draft Dodging all over again. All of them Social Platforms punished him! And they had a right to do it because He Violated the RULES! Too much has already been given to this President. He was President. He used to be. He ain’t No More. And Ordering Governors to do all of his Whims is sad when these Ring Kissers do his bidding…to tell his Devoted to NOW AUDIT the 2020 Elections keeps his Donors giving Money. It’s craziness gone wild.

In Texas Prisons I worked, this type of Activity is called Shooting a Curve!

It’s where when a Convict doesn’t get thier way with one Guard, so the Convict goes and tries another Guard. And other Guards until The Convict GETs their WAY! It’s being spoiled…what spoiled kids do.

Facebook and Twitter have long had rules against inciting violence on their platforms, but throughout Trump’s presidency they have refused to suspend or ban Trump in cases where critics say he has fanned the flames of violence.

As Black Lives Matter protests spread around the country in late May after the police killing of George Floyd, Twitter prevented most ways of engaging with a tweet by Trump that said “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”—which the company said violated its rules on incitement to violence. “The shooting Starts” implies a Green Light to Kill Looters. From the President. Doesn’t it? Killing some one over a few hundred dollars in merchandise? You approve? You’re willing to stope that Low? We’re not talking Armed Robbery.

America has always had a love/hate relationship with Crooks and Criminals. Like a Crook. Like a Criminal. But to Look Away when they Openly Commit Crimes and Promote Violence is unacceptable. A Crook is a Crook. A Criminal is a Criminal. You love a Crook? A Criminal?