You wanna Live? You wanna PROTECT your Family? Sure you do. But in a Covid World? How do you?

  1. Drop all the FEARS and Get Vaccinated! I’ve buried TWO FRIENDS who Died of Covid. I’m not the Mr. Nice Guy now. And if you Play with it, it will take you or a family member or family friend or friend or coworker AWAY! Don’t wait until you see family members dying until you get a Vaccine. Don’t you do it. Be a Leader and get it! They will follow your good judgement.
  2. WASH YOUR HANDS! Take a Shower and change Clothes as soon as you get Home. So what if you jump into your Pajamas earlier. It’s Okay.
  3. WEAR A MASK! ANYTIME YOU ENTER ANY ESTABLISHMENT with People. Make sure your kids do too. Especially in School. Especially in Church. There is No Place to put down your Guard.
  4. ISOLATE when you become Covid Positive or come into CONTACT With A COVID POSITIVE PERSON. Stay away from others and Stay in a room at home with the door shut. WEAR A MASK anytime you come out of your room.
  5. KEEP the activity to a Low and Stay hydrated.
  6. GET THE INFUSION if you are an AT RISK person and Test Positive and get referred by your Doctor. DO NOT DELAY! Even if you are Vaccinated. I got this from a Nurse on the Front Line! Both Vaccines and Infusion may save your life.
  7. Read the CDC GUIDELINES. Don’t rely on getting them from anyone else but your self. Make sure they are the Latest Updates ones. Check the Dates.
  8. Dine-In and go to Bars at your OWN RISK. I don’t do either. But I shop CURBSIDE and help those establishments I patronized before COVID. It’s your Choice.
  9. USE HAND SANITIZER-I use it anytime I get money or my payment method like a card returned from a Cashier and when I get my food at the window of a Fast Food place. Or put gas in my car. I keep it in my car and on me. I recommend you do too.
  10. Don’t let the Covid Over-worry you. Respect how dangerous it is. But you can BEAT it.

I used to agree with the Resume all normal activities after getting both Shots. And wear a Mask like I said above. But I think the recommendations need to be more stringent. Why? In my own little World, a person tested Positive and had both Vaccine Shots and was completely asymptomatic. CDC is giving Vaccinated People too much room and so are State Governors. Masks are important. We’ll see in 30 days how all of these Stadiums packed will impact the numbers.

  • You quarantine when you might have been exposed to the virus.
  • You isolate when you have been infected with the virus, even if you don’t have symptoms.

And that is from the CDC above.

In summary, the virus is changing and we are learning more about the new variants (including the now predominant delta variant) every day, but it is possible for someone who has been vaccinated to develop a breakthrough infection (with or without symptoms) and spread the virus. This is why public health experts recently recommended that vaccinated people resume wearing masks in indoor public spaces and around those who are not vaccinated.

The CDC says you should wear a mask indoors until you get a negative test. The test should be taken three to five days after exposure.

So what do you do when a person living with you is Isolating with a Positive Covid Test?

  1. If they won’t stay in a room, WEAR A MASK. WEAR A MASK anytime they come out of a room and into the room you are in.
  2. DO NOT PANIC! DON’T FREAK OUT! But show Love and don’t be afraid to give a Hug. You can go shower afterwards. But be Caring.

I know that some are Super Scared of Getting Covid or bringing it home. I also know that some are scared of infecting loved ones or friends while staying Isolated. Just do the BEST you can. And that’s all a person can do.

Follow and Keep Updated with the latest News from the CDC-

If you are spreading Lies about Covid and the Vaccines, YOU ARE A VERY DANGEROUS PERSON to everyone around you. If you’ll lie about this, you’ll lie about anything. Nobody won’t want to listen anymore to a Liar. We are now DEMANDING THE TRUTH!