Who Cares?

Can’t No Texans be remembering any of this no how come Election time, so write about it? Won’t make no difference. But it still is something that does bother me. Maybe it bothers you too. I’m thinking it should bother all of us TEXANS. 210 People won’t ever have their Representation done for them cause they Froze to Death. Won’t no one be around to Speak-Up for them?

So, sure, I’m representing Now for them now. I’m Speaking up for them. We cannot forget them and their most horrible way to Die. Okay?


Did you Freeze to Death in February, 2021? That is a contrary type question. But do we Texans think anymore? Of Speak-Up? You know when the Political Folks talk, they sneak into a place with about 10 people in it. And most are friends when they do. But they go on TV like they had some Big Booty Town Meeting and nothing of the sort took place. Never does.

But do you remember how many Texans FROZE to DEATH during that Death Freeze of February 2021?

The Texas Department of State Health Services on Wednesday updated its official tally of deaths linked to the historic freeze in February and now says 210 people across the state died because of the winter storm.

210 Texans FROZE TO DEATH!

And I burned my hand real bad and it still hurts today, but I didn’t die. So, I got a constant painful reminder of that Winter Freeze. But my wife and I were under Blankets COLD AS HELL! With NO ELECTRICITY is Brazos County, Texas. Bryan, Texas and BTU put it to us! And it was a long time before they started Rolling the Pain to others. We’d get two hours of electricity and four hours of nothing! We don’t have Butane or Natural Gas. We only have Electricity and it was COLD AS ALL GET OUT!

But it’s far beyond a crying shame that so many TEXANS FROZE TO DEATH! And that kind of hurting pain before you become unconscious and slip away into being DEAD. DEAD IS FINAL. Make no mistake about it. DEATH IS FINAL and I’m guessing they ain’t figured it out in Austin because the LOOP-HOLED THE SHIT out of Legislation for Big Money Gas Pipelines. Oh, yes, they did. But who Cares? You won’t remember it come Election Time. And you’ll keep putting the same Old Big Winded Folks back in Office Election after Election.



The Great Texas Blackout Was Caused by a Failure to Ensure Supplies of Natural Gas

State leaders have pointed fingers at everything from windmills to the bureaucrats at ERCOT. But the real issue is the electric grid’s reliance on a lightly regulated natural gas production industry.


The New Texas Law this legislative Session passed says the state’s natural gas system won’t be required to prepare for extreme weather until 2022 at the earliest and allows companies to opt out of weatherization requirements.

Senators upset that they Forgot to read what they PASSED! BUT THEY PASSED IT!

Gosh, that Cash Money must be nice to Look the Other way until a Reporter locks onto a Huge Austin Fart that smells all across Texas.

And who Cares? Who really Cares? It got passed and now it’s LAW.