“That’s the Reality of it”

“That’s the Reality of it”-the latest New “CATCH ALL PHRASE”!

When you want to blow your Audience Off, just say-“That’s the Reality of it”-and walk away. Yes, this new phrase is suddenly catching on as more Politicians choose to USE it. And when they don’t have the Facts or even care about the Facts, they simply run to their New Catch All Phrase-“That’s the Reality of it”.

And it’s blowing up on the Social Media Platforms as well. Lol. Just use it, shrug your shoulders and walk away. It’s easy and it’s saying your the stupid one to your Audience for not knowing or understanding the words of the person speaking. It’s funny to watch people saying it and they then walk away from a News Conference. It’s a big Chuckle as you might think that they know some really smart stuff, but in reality, they are Blowing you off.


“That’s the Reality of it”

And no. I’m only sharing this with your inquiring minds and Not blowing off my wonderful audience from all over the World. Have a great one and Stay Safe. I pray you have food to eat today or tonight.