EVERGRANDE’s Colossal Collapse!

It appears another Ponzi Scheme is materializing. Some Buildings went up and others, well, They Never Will!

Desperate to gather up Funds, a sudden emergency selling of shares in a Commercial Bank to raise $1.5bn. But is it enough or more so, who is going to come forward and lend a helping hand? Stocks falling to pennies are unacceptable unless you like Penny Stocks. And don’t expect China to bounce up and make it good. The Debt is resting on the Shoulders of World Investors and Not China. And is the milk turning sour or what?

The Huge Building Apparatus is sinking in the Red Sand in China and the China Claws are springing forth in a death strangle around the necks of Evergrande. How could such a colossal collapse fall upon Xi’s Watch?

Work has come to a complete standstill. Stocks are continuing to Fall as insolvency looms large now. But Ponzi Scheme or Not, most likely not, Evergrande is now heading to the Stock Market’s worse Nightmare-A Ghost Ship! A place where Stocks are put out to the Storms of the Seas. Stock Market Graveyard and how many Investors will this Collapse take down as well?

Didn’t anyone read the Fine Print? No, Gamblers never do…but they are Gambling with Their Investors Monies. And some Billionaires just became Millionaires in no time. Or worse…