BREAKING NEWS! We have successfully “KILLED OFF” 23 Species for all Times!

No matter how you look at it, it remains OUR FAULT! We did it. Yes, now, 23 Species are Now EXTINCT! We done Good, didn’t we? Killed them completely off the face of the Earth.

Happy or Sad, our turn is coming too!. We can’t protect them, who will protect us? NO ONE! Greed rules the World! Anything in the way of making money gets THE AX!

Species proposed for delisting due to extinction:

Species NameWhere FoundWhen ListedLast Confirmed Sighting
Bachman’s warblerFL, SC19671988
Bridled white-eye (bird)GU (Guam)19841983
Flat pigtoe musselAL, MS19871984
Green-blossom pearly musselTN, VA19841982
Ivory-billed woodpeckerAR19671944
Kauai akialoa (bird)HI19671969
Kauai nukupuu (bird)HI19701899
Kauaʻi ʻōʻō (bird)HI19671987
Large Kauai thrush (bird)HI19701987
Little Mariana fruit batGU (Guam)19841968
Maui ākepa (bird)HI19701988
Maui nukupuʻu (bird)HI19701996
Molokai creeper (bird)HI19701963
Phyllostegia glabra var. lanaiensis (plant)HI19911914
Po`ouli (bird)HI19752004
San Marcos gambusia (fish)TX19801983
Scioto madtom (fish)OH19751957
Southern acornshell musselAL, GA, TN19931973
Stirrupshell musselAL, MS19871986
Tubercled-blossom pearly musselAL, IL, IN, KY, OH, TN, WV19761969
Turgid-blossom pearly musselAL, AR, MO, TN19761972
Upland combshell musselAL, GA, TN1993mid-1980s
Yellow-blossom pearly musselAL, TN19851980s