Vaccinated People might Pose the Greatest Danger to You! MASKS ARE CRITICAL!

I’m vaccinated. I’m glad I am. And maybe you are too. Good for you. And If you are still sitting on The Wall. Well, jump off and get the Shots.

But let’s look at my situation. I know of someone who is Vaccinated and Tested Positive for COVID.

The person has had NO SYMPTOMS! Not one. But if the person who they came into CONTACT with had not Reported their POSITIVE TEST to the 2nd Person, that person would have or could have spread it to many others. At school. At Work. At Home. At Football GAMES! Why? Because they might not never known that they were POSITIVE!

THIS is an absolutely Good Reason for why all of us should be wearing MASKS. Maybe until sometime in 2022.

So, the rub is being Vaccinated may make you quite a Dangerous Spreader because you may have ZERO SYMPTOMS. NOT ONE symptom and you don’t even know that you will Test Positive. But you have no reason. To get Tested because you might not ever know that you are Positive.

So how many Virus Spreaders are fully Vaccinated and they may not have the faintest Clue. But if you are NOT Vaccinated, you may DIE! This Virus is a Killer. It is not something to Play with. To ignore.

Families are putting off getting Vaccinated until they have a loved one die of it. Misinformation Spreaders are Killing others and you would rather listen to and read their Bullshit. Than listen to the Real Science that is being actually Tested.

This is just like listening to a BOOKIE? And he’ll give you Advice all day long. But what’s the Bet? Listening to a Bookie? That’s what you are doing. And the Bet?

You’re Betting against the House and the Odds. But you are Betting Your Life on Their Advice. Betting your Life on a Bookie’s Advice.

Good luck with that…