Today, I watched a Beautiful Young Man getting Buried who was taken By Covid! The Virus Got Him!

Such Unnecessary Sadness caused by A Deadly Virus

I’m sitting this morning in my son’s truck Right now pretty broken-hearted as I write this Blog. It’s a familiar pain and one you will feel too. My son? He’s about 50 yards away under the huge Tent for the Family and friends of the young man’s family. And I am watching and listening. But what is going on?


You would have loved him if you had ever met him. He was one of those special people that seems to glow and attracts everyone to him.

What’s going on?

This wonderful young married Man’s Burial Service is happening. A Hispanic man. A beautiful man. With a Beautiful wife. With Three beautiful children. Yes. He was Loved. All of us loved him.

These Funerals are taking place all over the World. They are super Sad.

He was 30ish born in 1990. And I’m thinking of all the wonderful times and love his family gave to hi. In his lifetime. I can still see him walking up to me Happy and Smiling. I wonder How much love and care each parent gives their children while watching them become the wonderful men and women they become.

But he can’t do nothing now, but lay ever so quietly. Ever so still without ever moving again in his Wooden Coffin. He can only see the back of his eyelids. But his fingernails will keep growing and his hair for awhile now.

It’s Sad to be here as it was also so sad Being in the Church Service earlier. His Coffin was Closed and remained CLOSED with a HUGE DANGER COVID DEATH stickers on the sides and Top so you just had to trust that his body really is him in his Coffin. But dang so young. Taken out of Life like a thief picked his pocketed and someone so little picked him to give him the Death Kiss. A Death 💋. I guess the Stickers are there to WARN GRAVE ROBBERS. Or the Family trying to yank the Coffin Top Open to see him one last time. Beating on it like the wood would Break. And they beat hard on it.

And two days before he Died, his wife called to say he was on a Ventilator. A VENTILATOR! DEATH IS WAITING AND WATCHING always standing there beside each Person put on a Ventilator hoping it is YOU that is NEXT. The Virus Does. Maybe it is picking it’s Victims. CAN it do that? Sit.Sge said-I lost him…

And Jesus Christ! All you Ones not getting the Vaccines as YOUR Proud RIGHT TO PROVE YOUR LOYALTY TO TRUMP. WHY?

Please, Come on out and be at these Cemeteries Where these Covid Funerals are taking place all across America and see the Death that Covid is truly causing. It’s worse than anything ever. It really is Happening! It is Not Fake like some are saying…that none are really dying.

They are Dying!

Political Justification to Not Get Vaccinated is the most Horny Toad Poor excuse of Ignorant Thunking I have ever heard. Plum ignorance.

To see this young man’s family ripped away from the joy of their son is horrible to watch. Pain to see. First Hand Twice now for Me And my son. And to feel this sadness for this man is burning pain in your heart. I feel it deep now as I see all the sad faces. My son and I both have known this man for years. Attending Parties And my Son’s Graduation Party from Texas A&M’s Mays Business College. And he was so much full of joy and happiness. And so much fun to be around. His face always smiling. He made me laugh. He’s made you laugh.

He was the kind of person that you wished you could bottle-him-up and take him home and take him out and open the Bottle when you needed a shot of Happiness…he was that Joy.

But. He can’t come out to play no more. No more will his children see him. No more will his wife or parents be able to see him again. No more warm meaningful hugs from him for his loved ones.

But he waited until it was too late to be vaccinated. Or not? His Death Preventable I’m thinking but I don’t know and I am afraid to ask the Family. Or was his a Breakthrough Case?

The answer is Mute Now.

He is Gone.

He has left too many as the Church had a great many in it. But Today is a sad Day. His Sad Day to remind us all of us of our own frailty. The Picture is 49 minutes before the service began-

Church Service was First!

But what Nut Excuse will you USE to not get vaccinated? Come and Watch these Funerals. Come take Part while you still can. Death is Bursting into Families all across America taking People before their Time is Due or even getting Close.

And if you are Vaccinated, good for you. But Death is the New Friend to over 688,000 And their Families. And Death DOESN’T let you go once he got ahold of you.

This Covid Thang is just like a RACE, doesn’t matter how you Start it, it’s how America finishes the Race as one Nation.

This is where America gets to tell the World How Fractured She really is. This is a sad point! But undeniably there.

The above Article proves Hands Down that Getting Vaccinated is a Political Issue that has Fractured a Great Nation. She still is a Great NATION but many are now misguided.

Please, Every single American needs to ATTEND a Covid Funeral and see where you are on this as a Political Issue after you do. I’m sitting in a truck Watching a wonderful young man getting buried Today really sits hard on my Heart. It Hurts. Trust me, it is For Real and

Today is the 2nd Person to Die of Covid I know who were my friends.

We must do better. God, we must do better, PEOPLE. We must. We can and we should. We can.

More recently, the racial gaps — while still existing — have narrowed. The partisan gap, however, continues to be enormous. A Pew Research Center poll last month found that 86 percent of Democratic voters had received at least one shot, compared with 60 percent of Republican voters.

The political divide over vaccinations is so large that almost every reliably blue state now has a higher vaccination rate than almost every reliably red state-

But don’t let Covid Ruin years of Joy being yanked out of your life by allowing Covid to Bring it’s Death to you or a family member. It hurts beyond belief. Respect the Virus and Respect yourself and RESPECT your family.

Do the right thing and QUIT Spreading YOUR LIES! Anything you Text or Speak becomes Your lie.

Q’ANONing everything that comes out of your mouth makes you a very, very dangerous Person to Others. Quit it because when you do, You become The Jerk.

Saying you have the right to Not Get Vaccinated just like Your Right to Vote is not the Truth. It is a Lie.

Get yours and encourage others…to do the same. If you can afford it, pay them! PAY THEM! Whatever it takes…Okay?