No one can Segment Hatred!

Bottle it Up and then what do you do with it? You can’t just put it on the Shelf. You can’t lock it up in a Closet. No, no one can Bottle-Up Hatred and not can Hatred be Segmented.

Hatred is so interwoven into our Society that it’s now incomprehensible to find the beginning or ending Strings of it if it simply were on a Tapestry. But it’s not. Hatred begins and ends with the whole lot. That’s the biggest mistake everyone makes about Hatred. They treat it as a single segmented issue of one individual or of a group of people. But honestly, Hatred is so deeply rooted into a Society that sometimes more harm is done by trying to vocalize the Issues when the Arena is not neutral. And good luck with that one.

But people are Not Born with it. No, it is not applicable at Birth. So, at what point does Hatred begin to seep into a person’s mind? At what Age?

Hatred is 1st taught to any child by parents, guardians, teachers, churches, and TV. Hatred is also taught by children Books. Hatred is taught daily on Podcasts and the Media and the Internet. Hatred is always in an all consuming love-hate relationship with every individual in the entire World.

We can’t get away from it. No one can. The exposure is stifling. And it cannot be Segmented. No one can Segment Hatred. By Age 6, most have already learned a set of Hatred Norms. By Age 12, most have Deep Rooted Hatred established within them. And by Age 30, the Hatred is so deeply embedded that there is No Rescue from it.

After years of studying and reading Books on Hatred, a person might learn a certain degree of Empathy to those being discriminated on the Most. But watching it on TV is not being there. Yet, many will try to Blue Screen Shots of themselves in so many unrealistic images to promote themselves. Too many today new their Ego Stroked more and more. Mire than ever before.

Now. Here’s a Quick Question-Can you write a Three-Page Essay about George Floyd? If you said yes, try it. But if I asked the same Question and added-…for a future Time Capsule? Then what would you do? Grab your Cell Phone and start copying other Articles? But can you write your Essay without Segmenting your Own Hatred? In a College Social Studies Class at Texas A&M University, the Class was asked to do that very thing. The Students were given three weeks to finish the three simple pages.

But when the Papers were all due on a certain Monday, the Professor took up all the Papers and he then began passing them out to another Student.

Now, the paper you have on your desk, I want you to mark every example of Hatred that you can find in it. She gave them two weeks to bring them back.

Then the Students brought them back and turned them in to the Professor. And the Professor took them to her Office and read every one of them.

And it became very apparent that Hatred was written into the Papers by the Students without them realizing that this Hatred had been brought with them from home, jobs, Military, and tons of other places.

But Hatred based upon Color was the most prevalent-Great for Blacks and Great for Whites. But the Students were shocked when she returned the Papers to the Students and asked them to write them without Hatred in them.

She told them that they could come to her Office if they needed help. And all if them did. Just simple Pronouns and how they were used Jumped off the pages. The way sentences were put together pointed to these truths were self-evident and reeked with Hatred. The papers exploded with Hatred that none of the Students could segment it. None of the papers could avoid it as none of the Students had ever been shown How their Own Hatred could be so easily exhibited by just how they wrote and words they used. But the placing of words were a big tattletale.

But the Older People get, the more they flock to others holding similar Hatreds. And the cars and trucks are another showing of Hatreds with Hate Decals.

BoBut non of it can be Segmented from the whole of Society. It’s deeply rooted. Maybe too deep…