“COUP-2024” Domestic Terrorism isn’t just limited to individuals or groups. But You can still Call it a COUP when the richest in America play the Game, too.

“GOP will Discredit any Election where a Democrat Wins!”

But ultimately, it very well could land Americans in another Civil War. And I know, you’re a non–believer converted anti-Religious Know It All. Aren’t you? Or are you? But you are willing to let others run this Country because you are still Stuck on the Big Doubt. Yes, you allowed yourself to believe a whole bunch of Bullshit. I’m sorry. But I was raised to recognize Bullshit when I see it. But why weren’t you? Then again, you might have been raised as I was and We know the difference between Right and Wrong. But to go to the Most Biggest Line of Bullshit yet in saying-I don’t Believe it as your “Go To Phrase”. On all Subjects you disagree on. Unwilling to face Facts. But it’s the same thing as putting your head in the sand. And when you won’t even take the time to see the Facts as FACTS, then SHUT THE F_ _K-UP! You’ve just lost your ability to engage in conversation with me and I won’t allow you to turn my kids into S H E E P! Yes, that’s what those folks are doing.


And are you even willing to look at what I now think are the real reasons a COUP in 2024 is On the Blackboard! Yes, it’s in Chalk right now and once it’s in permanent Ink, Look Out! Okay, what’s my Proof? No, not Proof, but my line of thinking? And I think you can see it too. After All, we’re not stupid. Are we?

  1. A “Line of Doubt” has now been created and has sunken into America like a Bad Dream. And they are using measures to Keep it Alive. Yes, the huge Voting Apparatus has come under ATTACK and this Argument has basically been Won by both sides. Both sides now saying that they don’t believe the Results found by the other. Craziness has set in. It’s Madness. Even attacking those on the Same Side if that someone isn’t Onboard with your same Big Doubts. And when these Big Doubts haven’t been Proven at all, millions simply believe the Opposite because they were spoken. Mere words. And these will go to their Catch All Phrase-I don’t Believe it. Mere words put into Your Ears, and really, you Believe it? Incredible! Amazing! Yes, it’s like a Magic Show and all believe the nut is under a certain Shell when it’s not. But because someone says it is. You take their words as your New Truths. But they are only Doubts put into Your Mind. Placed there because…? A future Date in Infamy.
  2. Legislators in States have PASSED Legislation that gives them the ability to STEAL YOUR VOTE! Actually Kill the Election Results Report prepared by that State’s Secretary of State and allows for the Legislators to Overturn the Results. Dang. But You Voted and then it gets Ripped right out of your Hands and they can now NULLIFY your Vote. How? They will say that they have PROOF of the Big Doubt. And they’ll bellow out like a Bull in Heat and Beat their Chests and Cry Foulness is in the Mist with You. Then among themselves, they’ll decide that They Don’t Like the Election Results, that they can now Change those Results of all of that State’s Voting Results and they will. Kill Your Votes. Toss them Out! And then pick the Opposite Candidate that Your State did NOT pick. And I can hear those out there already saying-I don’t Believe it. I know you don’t. But let me ASK you this-If and When this Happens to you, What will you be Able to Do? Sit on your Hands and squawk a lot! But once it gets done, I’m sorry, THERE IS NO LEGISLATOR ACCOUNTABILITY IN AMERICA. You won’t be able to Do more than Cry Wolf!
  3. Now, let’s take a second to think about the past one. That No. 2? So, they passed this Legislation, but how will they USE this to Wipe Out Your Votes? They’ll USE strong Catch Phrases that sound True, but they Have to have more than simple words. And that MORE that they are needing is Coming thru the Election Audits currently going on and future ones all based on the 2020 Presidential Election. By finding small issues or problems now, in the future 2024 Presidential Election, they will MAGNIFY them as monumental and say LOOK HERE! SEE! WE FOUND THE SAME ELECTION FRAUD IN THE 2020 ELECTION. And Change Your Vote to Their Vote. And you will say-I believe it because it must be True because they said it was. You will believe that they had No Choice but change the Election Results. Man, you gonna buy their Shit Burgers too? And thus, They’ll say we are bound by our Good Deeds and Required by Law to change the Election Results for the True Winner. No, not the real Winner. But the One they Pick. But there’s not enough to justify it, but they are going to do it. Yes, they are going to USE small things found in these Current Audits and USE them as Big Things in 2024 to OVERTHROW your Votes first and if enough take place with other States, And if enough States do it too. They will fall like Dominies falling, and together, they will OVERTHROW the 2024 ELECTION. It’s all being Planned right now behind Closed Doors. It will all appear quite lovely. But it will be a COUP. A real one.
  4. But then comes the Rub and it will be a gargantuan one-How do you pacify the Millions that get their Votes Overturned? Do you actually believe that it will be a Mere SLAM DUNK? ONE AND DONE? WON AND DONE? Or Changed and the Bottle Explodes with millions of Angry, Pissed-Off Americans madder than Hell itself. These will Not Believe the Stew that the Legislators will be trying to Feed their State. And then What? Maybe, the Army will be called out too?
  5. January 6 would take place every day in America. And my biggest fears are the Countries willing to stoke the Fires of Dissection after the COUP-2024 is realized by aiding and abetting.
  6. But you still say–I don’t believe it.

And then please disprove what I’ve said. Have the Legislators of various States not done as I said? Yes, they have. Yes, they have. But you’d rather believe The Big Doubt and ignore the rest having been done as being done to PROTECT YOU! No, it’s not. No, it most certainly was not done to protect Your Vote! If anything, it just UNPROTECTED your Vote.

And disprove the True reason for these Audits? They are somewhat sinister by all accounts. But people allow them to take place because you were told We Must to Protect You. What? The Vote is long past being Counted. Arizona’s Audit proved that…? But the Big Doubt was supposed to be PROVEN and wasn’t. But they knew it. You knew it. They knew it. We knew it. It’s the tangible little things that they can latch onto in 2024 that they are needing between now and then. But it also keeps Donors making their Monthly Payments. Shame on you…

Texas is having an Audit done and there has been no explanation as to its Need. But you Believe it because you are still Convinced of the Big Doubt. And it doesn’t matter if all of the Election Results was correct, you still will not accept any of it as Legit. Remember your own words-


Because you heard the Words and once spoken, you latched onto them like pigs in slop. But honestly, I cannot see another Presidential Election in America to take place without Grave Consequences coming with it. Especially if COUP-2024 does materialize.

But what will you do? Sit on your Hands and Squawk like a Baby Bird? Or go plain stupid and attempt to Stop It! Shame on You if you do because they’ll have the National Guard waiting if you do. And just think How much Stupidity took place right up to and including January 6 in the Last Election. It was a Fiasco. But many still are not willing to address it for what it was-It was an Unsuccessful COUP ATTEMPT. Yes, it was. And the next will be much, much worse.

Do I have PROOF of a Real Coup Coming? No, just a gut feeling. Too much is pointing that way. And I know you do too. You see it coming too. You feel it too. Don’t we? But the next Coup Attempt will be much, much worse.

And in the next one. How many Lawyers will be filing frivolous Lawsuits only later to be Punished and paying hefty fines and Costs?

And what other Acts of Insanity will be taking place? Man, it’s gonna be interesting. And maybe quite sad. A Civil War would be the saddest of all. All because of more words creating similar or greater DOUBT-DOUBTS-DOUBTS…and people will believe them like pigs in slop because they were merely spoken. Shame on you if you do.

Oh well…